Family “Hike” in Nuuksio

imageWe are thrilled to have done our first “dayhike” in a nature park with both our kids doing all the walking on their own and without whining! Yayyy!


We’ve been meaning to go to Nuuksio nature park in Espoo many times in the last years but haven’t gotten around to do so since our kids came. Helsinkimom reminded me very timely of the area in her last post. She also gave a short but informative description of the area and all the needed links, so when it was sunny on All Saints Day on Saturday, we set off.

It was about a 45 minute drive to Haukkalampi in Nuuksio. After parking there we chose to do the 2km family walk “Punarinnankierros” signed by red route markers. Closer to the parking areas in Haukkalampi (you can take a city bus there too) you could use a stroller but not the whole way. Our children loved walking on the planks on the swampy areas, the game ‘step from one root to another one” was fairly easy, and spotting the red signs made it fun for them to choose which way to go in the few path crossings that came up. There were fairly steep up and downhills parts for a family walk but also loads of good climbing rocks that invited to small detours. We used almost two hours on the 2 km walk.




All in all, Nuuksio is beautiful, the routes are well signed and you really feel the nature there. We were about to finish our walk by heating pancakes on one of the fire places with a little shelter but at that point our kids rather wanted to eat them cold in the car on the way home. So next time. And next summer we hope to take a tent too for some camping in the nature.


No need to tell you, putting our children to sleep took about 30 seconds after the afternoon out.



  1. […] Finnish Midsummer weather did it again; the planned camping trip to Nuuksio was cancelled with the promise of a high of 14 degrees (Celsius) and showers. So we stayed in […]

  2. Walking all the way! That’s definitely a good milestone. There’ll be no stopping you now!

  3. Hooray for a fun day and for an easy bedtime! That’s the best!

  4. I love that they are older and walked on their own, but I really love how it wore them out!! 🙂

  5. That looks so lovely 🙂 And sleepy kids are the best kind of kids 😉

    1. Sleepy kids look lovely too 🙂

  6. The scenery looks gorgeous – lots of climbing and detours on a walk always works well for us too!!

    1. It is beautiful out there!

  7. Yay for hiking! And double yay for making it a family sport! 🙂

    1. Looking forward to longer hikes!

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