Spread the Joy

lahja_1Christmas to me is about the smells of gingerbread and mulled wine, good food, joy, kids excitement and being together. It is also about gifts, about receiving and giving. It is a good time to remember that not everyone is fortunate and if we have the resources, time or money, we can create a bit of happiness in another family too.

  • In Helsinki the Malmi parish is helping to make sure every child will get at least one present. Send an email to joululahja.malminsrk@evl.f and you will receive a wish a child has really made together with instructions on how to do it. The gifts can be expected to cost about 40e, and you can drop it off at one of their working points. The families have been selected by the social workers and the church employees will bring them to the families. The campaign starts on 17/11/2014 and the church wishes the presents are dropped of at the latest on Dec 9th 2014. In Turku a similar campaign will be organised 27.11.-4.12.2014. More information on it will be published on their website.
  • Donate old, clean and spotless children’s clothes (indoor clothes, winter wear and shoes, no summer clothes), hobby equipment (eg ice hockey), books and kitchen utensils to Hope ry 3-8/12/2014 at the playground Haruspuisto on Meri-Rastilan tori 7 in Vuosaari. Pack all the items so that they travel well. Hope ry will share the donations to families in Finland to ensure everyone has opportunities.
  • Not all giving means you need to have money. Kate has a great list on 40 random acts of kindness with great tips on how to spread the joy
  • Or just do as my parents and bring food to a Mum with small children. Always appreciated!
  • I also wish my children learn Christmas is not just about receiving but also about giving. Since they don’t understand the value of money yet, we make presents. And what a pride and happiness there is, when they have made presents for others!



  1. Love your thoughts on this as always 🙂

  2. I love this! It is so important that our children learn to have a giving heart and the best way is leading them by example. Looks like you are doing a good job. 🙂

    1. You seem to be a good role model for Zoë too!

      1. Well I hope she will cling to the good aspects of my personality, although honestly I think she has taught me more about patience and love and generosity. 🙂

        1. Kids are great that way!

  3. I guess the last point pretty much sums up the whole Spirit of Christmas thing!

    1. I’d hope so! 🙂

  4. Love this post, and not just because I’m mentioned, but it shows that there is so much more joy to be had when we help others!

    1. I knew you’d agree with this! 😀

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