Winter Activities


A week ago we had our proper first snow. There was maybe 10 cms of it, enough for creating chaos in the traffic and for all the small pilgrims to wander off  to the closest hill in the neighbourhood with their toboggans. We slid down the hill, ran up, rolled around and laughed in the snow, kids a few more times than me. And then my children enjoyed getting a ride on the toboggans to the nearest cafe. What a fun winter morning!

Of course, by now the snow has already melted away but we got to try one of the ‘must do funs’ of the winter, tobogganing. And we are looking forward to the winter getting started properly so we can enjoy the rest too:

  • Getting started by just 2 cms of snow, what can you do?
  • Ice skating, of course! We were just told that all 4 year olds need to have ice skates after Christmas at daycare, as they are going to the nearest rink!
  • Cross country skiing. I need to get skis this year too, so that I can keep up with the younger ones!
  • Ice slides
  • Snow men, horses, lanterns, castles – or Maisy. It is the choice of the artist but nevertheless it is fun to build with snow.

And when the outdoors doesn’t tempt you but you have restless toddlers around, then it might be time to cut some snowflakes (which, btw, look really cool if you first cover them with glue and then dip them in a bowl with sugar!)

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas...”



  1. Question: when you do the glue and dip for the paper version, how much sugar goes into the mouths of the children?

    1. Haha, I may have “forgotten” to mention what the “white decoration” really is, and we used it after we had been gluing crafts glitter so… it’s all about strategy 😉

  2. Love the sound of all those winter activities – so jealous of your snow!

    1. I definitively prefer a winter with snow *in moderation* (not for 5 months nor 2 metres 😉 ) to a 5 month grey winter with rain, which I experienced in the northern parts of Central Europe, at least the snow offers fun variation!

  3. I so wish I could learn to enjoy winter sports. Mostly I just obsess over how cold I am. 😦

    1. Hihi, you would have loved the time we slept on ice in -25 Celsius degrees just to test our sleeping bags 😉

      1. Lady, you are made of heartier stock than me, that’s for sure. 🙂

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