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Crafts in Order and Page for travel in Finland

I’ve been making some changes: The crafts page has been reorganised, everything is in alphabetical order under a few main subjects such as the main material used, painting/printing etc. I am not too sure if that helps making it easier to find ideas, this wordpress theme doesn’t seem to give too many options for modifications […]

Handprints on Briefs

I wish you all a Merry Christmas with the present we made for Dad: he has been mostly away this December, so we made him presents that will enable him to keep us close (haha). Using handprints are easy and fun, we’ve done quite a few with them in the past. This time my daughter […]

Camping Indoors

I wonder when this free and very simple pleasure will wear out…? It has done the trick while my husband has been away for most of December; going to bed has been smooth and even mum has been able to sleep in the nights even though we’ve had colds, sore throats and ear infections for […]

Christmas Outside

Mum came and pimped our garden. Again. We quite like finding the small surprises so I don’t mind if she makes it a habit! For a while it looked like we’d have a black Christmas but in the last hour the scenery has turned white. Lovely!

Seurasaari Christmas Path 2014

Wow, this was popular! We crossed the lovely pedestrian bridge to the island of Seurasaari on Sunday 14th already at 11.30am because my parents wanted to make sure they’d find parking relatively easily. There were already loads of happy families on the way, even though the event wouldn’t start until noon. The idea of the free […]

Toddler DIY Christmas Tree

Crafts do not get easier than this, good for any toddler or, as proven, a sick, bored but lacking energy 3 yo, that likes stickers:

Lucia and Stockmann’s Christmas Windows 2014

My daughter remembered that I promised last year I’d take them to see Lucia this year, so I did last on Saturday (Dec 13th). My girl was in awe, it was worth standing in the cold and the crowd. But while waiting to see Lucia come down the stairs we enjoyed a ride in the […]

Toilet Papet Roll Owls

I spent a relaxing Saturday morning with my children making these nothing-like-Christmas but easy to make owls, reading, finishing the sugar lantern and building mutilated (=1cm snow) snowmen. Bliss.  

Building with Sugar

Actually we set out to build a snow castle for Pingu but it would have required a bit more patience than my kids had. So we turned it into a lantern. Sugar pieces are pretty good to build with but we had to let the glue dry and continue twice to make the walls sturdy. […]

Traditional Old Time Christmas at Herttoniemi Manor

Last year we went to Uutela Christmas Path and had loads of fun. This year we decided to try the other annual one set in beautiful historical scenery by the Herttoniemi manor. The manor itself is worth visiting (on the left the living room from the main manor, on the right the house that nowadays […]


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