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Having family on opposite sides of the world has made Skype an automatic part of our life, what a great thing to be able to do compared to 20 years ago!

Since my husband last summer started to work approximately a week on and then a week off, the importance of Skype has sky-rocketed: Last year he used his legal right to work 30 hour weeks and was therefore able to spend a lot of time with our children. So now, every second week our children miss him, even though he (almost) every second week gets more time with them. So we tried to Skype.

But when it came to Dad, our children where not very interested in talking to him on Skype, they could come and say ‘hi’ but didn’t want stay on. The older one even said that she doesn’t want to see him when he is not here, the younger one clearly wasn’t able to focus nor have a conversation yet even though he longed for Dad.

We realised that the children found it easier to connect when they got to speak alone to Dad. So first we take turns, one child at the time gets to speak to him, and maybe at the end we all do it briefly together.

But then Dad got inventive to get them to make the connection:

  • He asks our children to show toys they’ve played with
  • they’ve been making puzzles, drawing, colouring in and rehearsing letters and numbers together
  • The 3 yo loves the “tickle” game: he “tickles” Dad on the screen who screams and laughs and falls of the chair, and hides… Must be exhausting for Dad but at least they have fun
  • Dad also takes them on a tour around the hotel room
  • Dad has been putting the camera upside down or in various places, or he has hidden some item and then kids need to try to spot and tell him to “look under the pillows” etc
  • Dad has been keeping them company on Skype when it’s been potty time and I’ve been busy… 🙂
  • Dad takes his turn to read evening story via Skype (give me great time to e.g. clean up in the kitchen…)

Do you use Skype regularly? What for? Do you have children who haven’t naturally taken to chatting via Skype? if not, what do you do to engage them in it? 


  1. […] our children were all like “we know this already, we’ve seen it on Skype”. Skype and all it’s options for games are […]

  2. Brilliant ideas! We use Skype to connect with my sister in Switzerland. She loves talking to our daughter but the little one gets bored very fast. Maybe one of your games will help prolong the call a bit. Thanks!

    1. Hope something works! Will be great when you can actually just sit and catch up on Skype with them too 🙂

  3. This is really fantastic, Vilma!

  4. The tickle game sounds like great fun. I might try that with my mam next time I Skype 🙂 I’m not sure she could get back up from under the table though… 😉

    1. Your mam will appreciate the game:D

      1. I think so 🙂

  5. That’s awesome! I love that we have the technology to connect like that! I use Skype for business, I’m on it all day long, usually just the message part, but that’s how I talk to my co-workers! 🙂

    1. Really? Awesome! Lucky you don’t have to do all kind of tricks to get them to talk to you though 😉
      Btw, I just worked from home yesterday and found out the best thing with that: I had ice cream for breakfast 🙂

      1. Right on! that’s the way to do it!! 🙂

  6. This is a fantastic set of ideas! We’ve noticed the same thing about the kids not wanting to talk to Dad via Skype since we left Singapore – except when advent started and he would open their drawer for them. A few more games – great to know!

    1. (Ok, had to pin that one under “travel games” – I think it totally counts!)

      1. Totally 😀 thanks

    2. So it is all about something that makes it too engaging to stay away from the skype. How relaxing won’t it be when they can just sit down and chat 🙂

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