Perfect Little Trip to Koiramäen Pajutalli

We visited Koiramäen pajutalli (“The Doghill Willow Stables” – I don’t think it has anything to do with the characters of Mauri Kunnas) on the Independence Day, when the weather was lousy and most places closed. What a lovely destination just outside of Helsinki with something for everybody!

wpid-20141206_152139.jpg wpid-20141206_153303.jpg wpid-20141206_153536.jpgwpid-20141206_151949.jpg

The museum

The museum

The old farm was redecorated for the current purpose in a rustic way, and all the farm houses, storages and old stables were used. Even in the rain there was a magic atmosphere. There were loads of beautiful willow work made by the owners, a tiny museum with eg old sledges, skis, snow shoes, TV and radio (which our kids were surprised of), and loads of beautiful ornaments for sale for a reasonable price. A great place to buy Christmas presents! In the main house, in the midst of all the beautiful decorative items for sale, a cafe (with willow woven chairs and tables of course) sells mainly sweet pastries or old style self made lollies and lollipops for an affordable price.
wpid-20141206_152525.jpgwpid-20141206_153407.jpg wpid-20141206_153426.jpg wpid-20141206_153507.jpg

From the kids point of view the location had an added bonus: it is very close to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport so the airplanes fly very low over the place (pretty much on the opposite side of the Tuusulan väylä highway is the unofficial viewing spot for airplanes. The official one is here.) But the venue also had bunnies and pet pigs to see, and one old storage was turned into a play cafe for children. Further, our children loved exploring the whole area and the beautiful items too.


We had a great time, it was a perfect destination for a little trip in the afternoon. From where we live it was only a 20-30 minute drive, from the centre maybe 40-60min depending on the traffic.

I’ve heard they have more animals in the summer, and that they throw the most beautiful pumpkin party around Halloween. Sounds like a good reason to go back (when there is less rain, mud  darkness, that is)!



  1. That looks like fun! I’d enjoy exploring there!

    1. I think you would too 🙂

  2. A Wee Nest · · Reply

    Great shots!

  3. Looks lovely – I think the rain and darkness add lots of atmosphere to the pictures. Sounds like that pumpkin party would be fun too.

    1. The darkness may look some what nicer than the rain felt like 😀 but it did look beautiful!

  4. Looks like a nice little place for kids. Funny how the airport always adds to an experience for them 🙂

    1. Tell me about it; my husband fixes helicopters. Guess who’s job our children prefer to visit? 😉

      1. Wow, yes. Actually I’m with them on that one 🙂

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