Traditional Old Time Christmas at Herttoniemi Manor

Last year we went to Uutela Christmas Path and had loads of fun. This year we decided to try the other annual one set in beautiful historical scenery by the Herttoniemi manor.


The manor itself is worth visiting (on the left the living room from the main manor, on the right the house that nowadays serves as a restaurant):


There is an old wind mill, barns and other lovely old buildings on the yard but unfortunately, after first seeing Dad off at the airport our children weren’t able to focus too well, so I was too busy to take pictures. But this bilingual Christmas path advertised itself as the “traditional old times” one, and Knusbacka with all the black storages (below) hosted Christmas crafts sessions as well as opportunity for time travel, both seemed interesting and both were way too challenging for us this afternoon. We did, however, participate in the Elf School, pretty much a story were kids got to try out their elf skills: listen, scout and sneak around. We also participated in some Christmas round dances that all Swedish speaking children know, but since the Finnish speaking young friend didn’t dare to try, we soon went to see the one woman act on the stairs of the manor revealing some of the history of the place. As our children were more keen on rolling down the grassy hill (or climbing the old stone walls), we opted for sausage, ginger bread and glögg (mulled wine) before heading home.

In short, the place is lovely, the event was organised and the programme most likely was quite nice, just not for us today, and there was a fair amount of people in all ages. So even if you just want to see beautiful history, the place is woryh a visit. And if you wish to experience some Christmas-y atmosphere with glögg, that may be the place to go to next year!





  1. […] There are three “Christmas paths”  (joulupolku/ julstig) organised annually in Helsinki: this one in Seurasaari, one in Uutela by Vuosaari quite at the end of the underground line in the East, and a smaller bilingual and more historical event on the grounds of Herttoniemi manor. […]

  2. I remember your post last year about the Christmas walk! It spurned my desire to be in Europe for the holidays!
    This is something I would love to try… When z is older probably. 🙂

    1. She’ll find it exciting to experience it!

  3. I didn’t know that glogg was just mulled wine! 🙂 I always learn neat things from you! And, really, there is nothing like rolling down a hill!

    1. Yeah, I almost joined them rolling down the hill but then I didn’t have proper outdoor clothes 😉

  4. I’d never heard of a Christmas path until this week. Hoping to make it to Seurasaari this weekend if the weather holds… ; )

    1. Maybe we’ll see there then? My parents are also coming.

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