Camping Indoors

camping indoors

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I wonder when this free and very simple pleasure will wear out…?

It has done the trick while my husband has been away for most of December; going to bed has been smooth and even mum has been able to sleep in the nights even though we’ve had colds, sore throats and ear infections for most of the time.

My kids tend to get pretty clingy when dad is away, so when my 4 yo wanted to sleep again “like we did in the summer in the tent”(=everybody next to each other) I lifted their mattresses on the floor and slept between them in the “camp bed” just to be close. They loved it!

Since the first night the “camp bed” has moved between different rooms, and mum hasn’t been needed every night. We haven’t set up a tent (or many) like in the picture, I like to keep it simple if I can, but some nights we have created our own tent with blankets etc. The key has been variation, and now, after a fortnight, going to sleep is still exciting.

I hope they’ll have a fun memory of this, however, I won’t object when everyone wants to sleep in their own beds again!


  1. It’s not easy when dad’s away. Glad you still make it easy for the kids 🙂 We love indoor camping too with mattresses and pillows. How do you prop up the blankets?

    1. Depends on the room 😀 in kids room it’s easy as mu daughter has a top bunk and on the opposite wall there are closet doors. A couple of mattresses in between is a perfect fit.

  2. Admire you for keeping it going while Dad is away. Hopefully they’ll be back to normal easy as pie whenever he’s home.

    1. Thanks! Such is life. Lucky we have loads of fun too! But it is lovely to have dad at home again.

  3. Great idea! merry christmas to you and your family! xoxo Fanni

    1. Merry Christmas to you too! Vilma

  4. Sounds like fun!!

  5. I love indoor camping – my girlfriends and I did that last year – we didn’t have time to put together our annual camping trip, so we all just had a big sleepover! 🙂

    1. How cool! We did that more when everyone was studying and short of money but it wad so much fun that we should start doing it again too!

  6. What a nice idea! I think I’m going to get them to do this soon, just for fun!

    1. Why not?! Have fun!

  7. Hey, whatever works in terms of getting them to sleep, is okay by me!
    Nicely done, mom!

    1. Exactly! Thanks for the encouragement!

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