Crafts in Order and Page for travel in Finland

I’ve been making some changes:

  • The crafts page has been reorganised, everything is in alphabetical order under a few main subjects such as the main material used, painting/printing etc. I am not too sure if that helps making it easier to find ideas, this wordpress theme doesn’t seem to give too many options for modifications (or I just can’t figure them out)… but at least I can find what I want ;).
  • I made an own page for Travel Finland, as that section was getting heavy on the Travel page. Of course it would have been more fun to change the balance by travelling more elsewhere but more holidays would be needed for that! On top of that, we thought we might try to take advantage of my husband working mostly in the north every second week, start flying to him to explore those areas a bit more on the weekends. Hope he gets a schedule we can follow.


  1. Hello!! All of your craft ideas are always so delightful! Now that I am (kind of) back, I look foward to enjoying your posts again!

    1. Welcome back! Will be great to read your posts again. And thank you, happy you enjoy (my) crafts too!

  2. You’re very organised for the new year! Sounds exciting that you might be travelling north to explore further afield on weekends. The kids are getting a better age for it, too.

    1. Yes, I think kids will be alright just need husband schedules to become a little more predictable. Would/ will be fun!

  3. Love your crafts page! And I’m wowed by how you arrange them in alphabetical order! 😉

    1. Thanks! Kind of difficult to make a sensible order so this will do for now!

  4. Look forward to more of your Travels! But I like your home travel with the camping near your home too. We can’t have much travel to write about but I have that section nevertheless to add on slowly 🙂

    1. I’d love to travel more too but there really is not time without more holidays. Sometimes when there is time off i just need peace and quiet at home too!

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