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Resent Activities

I haven’t had too many free but fun things to blog about when all my free time has been spent house hunting. Far from free to buy one but quite fun really to see the taste of other people. further studies  at avoin yliopisto, “open university”, offers university courses that everyone can do if they pay […]

Valentine Day Owls

My daughter taught me how to make these lovely owls from disposable muffin forms, my mum had taught her first. My daughter wants to make cards for all her friends at daycare for Valentine’s, which here is the day of friendship. According to her she needs to get started early, and there needs to be […]

Free Ice Skating in Indoor Rinks

The most fun we’ve lately had has been outdoors: we’ve been ice skating. There is quite an amazing difference to last year, when we would go ice skating to places where we could take toboggans for kids, or there was a playground next to, to get more than 5 minutes on skates. This year my […]

Lux Helsinki brings light into the darkness

Originally posted on HelsinkiFeelings:
This is the darkest time of the year. With the right attitude and lightning darkness can be turned into something beautiful, exciting, inviting, cosy and safe. Lux Helsinki light festival is a perfect example of how the light is an opportunity for the dark season. This year the festival lasts for five days…

Nature House Villa Elfvik

I found a new favourite spot in the capital area, when a friend suggested we’d spend the Sunday morning in Villa Elfvik and the Laajalahti nature reserve in Espoo. Villa Elfvik is a lovely old building with an environmental education centre, a nature school and a cafe (cash only!). The nature display was small enough […]

Simple Christmas Tree Crafts

Our Christmas tree forest before I clean all of Christmas away: The first to from the left hand side in the front row kids have made at daycare, simple and cute, the one furthest to right my daughter folded with her aunt (complicated, instructions were googled), the one back and to the left is the […]

To Us

At the start of a new year people are often reviewing the previous year and making new resolutions for the next year. This blog is mostly not that deep, and is more of an outlet for little superficial ideas that makes our life fun. But I read less superficial blogs too, and I loved the […]

DIY Sock Snowman

Originally posted on HOMESCHOOL CRAFTS:
It doesn’t snow in Singapore, but that doesn’t stop us from making a sock snowman. 🙂 This easy-peasy craft takes only minutes to complete, yet allows the children to have fun decorating. Materials Newspaper 1 men’s sock in white 1 rubber band Cellophane tape Coloured paper Adhesive felt material Crepe paper…


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