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At the start of a new year people are often reviewing the previous year and making new resolutions for the next year. This blog is mostly not that deep, and is more of an outlet for little superficial ideas that makes our life fun. But I read less superficial blogs too, and I loved the way Wine and Cheese (doodles) encouraged in her Ode to Joy us all, me, to think of my joy: To be able to enjoy the life here and now, I think I need to give credit to my husband. He is awesome.

Having said that, we had our 7th wedding anniversary on Monday. We both forgot it.

I think we can now agree on neither one of us being overly romantic… But at least we stick to our sofa dates, occasionally we even get out of the house on dates, mostly then we opt for going on long walks and we talk. So we may not be super inventive with our dates but he is dear, and a lot of fun. Because of that, I feel I am a very fortunate.

In addition to my husband, my dear kids often make me laugh. They get my mind off work and sad things happening around me. Is there really a better way to be reminded about living here and now and having a laugh than listening to children?

  • Just the other day my 4 yo asked her 3 yo little brother if he knows what the meat said before dad put it in the oven. “Baa” was the answer. It also made my day when one (or both?) of the little helpers had repacked my handbag and replaced my wallet with 6 pairs of dirty socks. Even the cashier had a good laugh about that one… also, did you know, that when you are almost 3, there is a song coming out of your mouth when you squeeze your own penis. Or so I am told… (please find more real life comments made by my little darlings).

So, at the start of this year, all the small crafts, events, activities, travels etc would not be fun at all, unless I’d be mostly doing them with my family. They are my joy. What is yours?


  1. I have four dogs who are a fountain of joy and amusement. I also think that who you spend time with is more important than how you spend it. The right person just makes the date.

  2. Hysterical! Now that is a list of things I can understand and find joy in, too!! That my dear friend, is a great life! 🙂

    1. I agree, I hope everyone will have the good fortune this year!

  3. Oh my, I laughed at the socks and song! Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year to you too!

  4. “Superficial” isn’t quite the right word… I’d go with “whimsical”. Keep going 🙂

    1. Lol, I associate whimsical with the crazy cat lady. But hey, that could be a fun future too 😉 as long as life isn’t too serious all the time!

  5. That was awesome, Vilma!

    p.s. I’m pretty sure men much older than 3 sing a song when their penis is squeezed, too. 😉

    1. Ba ha hahahaha! 🙂

    2. Lol, maybe tgey just don’t say it out loud anymore when they are older?! 🙂

  6. Thanks for that! And I’m glad you’ve found some joy, and I’m seriously impressed that you were able to laugh about socks in your handbag, I’m afraid that one might have sent me over the ever-close edge. The song and penis thing? That I would have found joy in ;-).

    1. I suppose I often have those moments with kids where I just find there is nothing else to do than laugh. Like the dirty socks… 😀 lucky I wasn’t in a hurry though.

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