Resent Activities

I haven’t had too many free but fun things to blog about when all my free time has been spent

  • house hunting. Far from free to buy one but quite fun really to see the taste of other people.
  • further studies  at avoin yliopisto, “open university”, offers university courses that everyone can do if they pay a small fee amount. One can not complete a degree this way but one can complement a university degree there. Or improve the chances of gaining access to a university.

Obviously with children you have to do something too, but lately we’ve enjoyed old goodies:

  • we still ice skate whenever we have time. The weather has just been perfect for that.
  • my daughter is very into reading and has begged me to take her to libraries, different ones. Not very inventive but also not at all a bad way to spend time.
  • my son is finally showing interest in numbers. We still have a great game from my childhood, Einertrainer, and I was trying to help him out: “let’s count together 1-2-3”. Son, 3 years: “why do you always start with 1? I count 2-5-8”. He has regained interest in the Most simple maths game ever though.
  • Of course we’ve had a few barbecue sessions. Nothing like hoovering by the fire and catching up with friends. Almost like this but with some snow around.
  • I have added a few items to the kids play food selection from some rest yarns. They quite like making BLT’s or other more interesting combinations, and I still enjoy the fact that crocheted play food can be washed!

wpid-20150130_185445.jpg wpid-20150130_185340.jpg


  1. […] I have an idea, like I’ve seen a fox somewhere sometime, I had some orange left over from the crocheted carrots I’ve made, and my son likes orange, so I thought that would work. And then my daughter wanted […]

  2. Congrats on the new house, by the way!

    1. Thanks!
      You are back! How does the blog civilisation feel after the islands travels?

      1. I haven’t been to any islands lately. I’ve just been buried under a pile of stuff I somehow thought I’d have time for just because the kids are going to school at the same time for two hours a day now. I got a bit giddy with the idea and overestimated a few things 🙂

        1. Really?? I thought you were about to visit was-it-the-Shetland-Islands (some part of uk anyway), and have been waiting for a post about it.
          .. would be quite a different place and therefore I’d really like to read about it 🙂 I must have missed something. .. but hey, two hours of hearing only your own thoughts is almost like an island escape too, isn’t it? 😉

          1. Oh! No sorry – that’s June. I’m planning to bore everyone with a lot more prep posts between now and then 🙂

            I agree about the 2hrs of my own thoughts. Definitely an island escape! I just need to work out a reasonable balance of extra stuff that doesn’t swamp everything…

            1. But at least it’s coming then (=I’m not loosing it), looking forward to a lot of posts about it!

            2. Hey B, just checking if you are all right and just busy? I miss your posts 🙂

              1. Yes! Yes we are ok. Just very, very busy. But good busy, for the most part.

                1. Phew, good to hear you are ok! Hope the busy time will come to an end at some point, even when good it can become exhausting. 🙂 Take care!

  3. […] we fell in love with a new place and our offer was accepted. Fantastic! The only thing is that it’s smaller than our current […]

  4. […] we fell in love with a new place and our offer was accepted. Fantastic! The only thing is that it’s smaller than our current […]

  5. Lol, why do you always start with 1? That was awesome!

    1. Thinking our of the box 😀 I didn’t even have a good answer for that one!

  6. New houses! So fun, well sometimes. Depends on the houses and the prices. 😉
    Happy hunting!

    1. Thanks! I think the biggest downside is how time consuming it is. But lucky we arw not in huge hurry.

  7. Misery loves company, so I’m happy to hear that someone else is living my house hunting pain. 🙂

    1. Lol, I knew you’d feel for me 🙂 although I think I’m happier to say goodbye to the current house than you were. It has served us well but there are things I wish for. Have yoy settled in your new home between all the work trips?

      1. Settled in my new home??? I haven’t even FOUND my new home! We leave this one March 31st, so we are in full panic mode now.

        1. Whaat?! Really? I was sure I saw a post about you finding it, I guess it was a dream??? Sorry about the mix up! With a deadline like that, I understand your panic. I wish you luck!

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