Giant Drawing Paper

The other night kids forgot about wanting to watch tv when we started drawing a “map” on the floor. We all had fun but I especially enjoyd hearing them create an imaginative world full of happenings and adding matchbox cars and stickers. They focused on this for a couple of hours after a long day at daycare! Btw, the last drawing of the playground made by my daughter is there just for bragging rights 😉






  1. Excellent idea! Finger painting for the toddlers to brainstorming for the adults. Large format papers are great! 🙂

  2. This is so cool! And your daughters drawing is totally worth bragging about! Beautiful!

  3. Great idea 🙂

    1. …and easy to do! Hope you have fun too

  4. Rock on! That’s too cool! I may have to try that with my niece and nephew!

    1. So simple but what a great way to do something together!

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