Chinese New Year in Helsinki

This event got us into the city centre on a week night, which is a rare, but definitively worth it: the kids loved show! So did we, and judging by the crowed on the Lasipalatsi square, quite a few others too! The lanterns and colours made the square beautiful and welcoming even on a greyish winter day.


wpid-20150218_162557.jpgVarious Asian associations and companies a were introduced in stalls of which the lady in red was our favourite: she cut beautiful art out of paper napkins and gave each of our kids their own ones, which made their day! There was also, of course, plenty of Chinese food for sale.

The programme was the best part though: we saw lion and dragon dances, a group of women dancing, some acrobatic and kung fu performances as well as a soona solo but there would have been plenty more.

Another effect the evening had was that it got our children to ask a lot of ‘why’ questions. On top of the “why don’t we have a dragon?” and “why can’t I join them on the stage?” it gave us an opportunity to take a new look at our globe lamp, and this time see where China is (since nobody has sent us a post card from there) and talk more about different traditions. Not a bad effect at all.

I need to train my skill of taking pictures while holding a child on my shoulders and a bag in a my hand though, but honestly, you better just go an see for yourself next year.You may even want to stay and see the fireworks, which was a bit late for us. I wouldn’t mind, if we’d one year even get to join the even more magnificent celebrations in Hong Kong like Singel Woman Travels did.

wpid-20150218_165746.jpg wpid-20150218_170232.jpg

It was also the last day of having 80 lantern statues portraying the terracotta soldiers on display. They are impressive, so if you want to see them, you may want to harry to Tallinn before they are shipped back to China (more about the lantern statues here).



  1. […] the Chinese New Year a lady cut lovely snow flakes out of napkins, which got my daughter into cutting snowflakes […]

  2. Wow! The terracotta soldiers look impressive! My children’s favourite is the dragon and lion dance. It’s exciting to watch especially with stunts. How wonderful that Helsinki had such festivities to showcase the most important Chinese festival 🙂

    1. I fully agree, on everything! And the celebrations really made a good impression on them: the other day when we went pass the same place they asked when the “lamp men” will be back and talked about the dradon dance!

  3. Awesome! I love the sights, sounds and smell of Lunar New Year. 🙂

    1. You must be more familiar with it than me. But I’ll get there!

  4. Love Chinese New Year, those lantern terracotta soldier lanterns look amazing!

  5. Happy New Year! (Chinese one this time.) Gong xi fa cai! Looks like Helsinki went big on the festival this year.

    Out of interest, what reason did you give them for not being able to get a dragon?

    1. I was told it has been celebrated for a few years here, I just never knew. How awesome that it’s growing and more people get to take part!

    1. It was! Were there lot’s of celebrations in Texas?

      1. Um, I think so… I saw a dragon dancing on the news… and one of my Asian friends wished us a happy day on Facebook, lol!

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