Spring Events

We’ve had amazing bright sunny spring days for about a week, still below zero during nights but really feeling the warm sun during the days. So the spring things are on my mind.

wpid-20150315_094927.jpg1. Choosing flowers to plant in the pots outside. So simple and yet such a fun activity to do together even for somebody like me who really can’t be bothered to learn too much about gardening. But hey, there is beauty and there is dirt, what’s not to like?!

2. Kimmonpuisto (Kimmo playground) in Käpylä threw their spring event, Keväthulinat, successfully again. My formerly so frightful boy has grown big and dared to go for a free ride on the four wheel drive and even paid himself for the pony ride! Here more about Kimmo events and what was on last Autumn but usually the playground events are good fun without having to dig too deep in your pockets.

wpid-20150315_102103.jpg wpid-20150315_103151.jpg

3. Spotting the change in the nature, always just as overwhelming. Well, we just got rid of the snow so we may have to wait a few more days to start recording this years happenings. I just checked that last year we early on enjoyed one of my kids spotting a grey and brown squirrel, which led us to a real life biology lesson, then there was the magic of the flowers pushing through a greyish ground, and of course trees turning green as well as getting some forgotten herbs from the own ground.

4. A few events to keep in mind:

  • Next weekend the Streat Eat will be on again. Being such a huge success last year, it has now been divided over both Saturday and Sunday and there will be street food sold 11am-7pm.
  • The World Village Festival is on again May 23-24th. Should have something for everybody again,
  • I definitively recommend a visit to the Rhodo park in Haaga early June when the rhododendrons usually bloom


  1. Meanwhile…in another part of the world…in a city called Calcutta…people are already sweating with the onslaught of summer!! :/

    1. Does “there is time for everything” fit in here? 😉

  2. I’m ready for spring! It’s planting season so I bought some bell peppers! Can’t wait to get them started and eat from my garden!

    1. Sounds lovely! Too bad we are moving so I’ll only put a few herbs in pots this year.

  3. I am so done with winter! Spring can’t arrive s moment too soon. 🙂

  4. So nice spring is on the way (at last!!).

    1. Tell me about it! But I’m sure will get a revisit of the winter at some point, we always do. :/

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