Travel Plans

While decluttering our house and getting ready for the move, we have also been doing some travel planning for the year. We’ve booked flights to Istanbul, France (wedding close to Le Mans and then… to the shore?), and Lapland.

We are also looking at flights to catch up with family, we’ll see if we’ll end up doing that somewhere in Asia, Australia or NZ.

Last summer camping was so much fun, that we want to do it again. This time it is time to explore the far north, the Finnish Lapland, to let our kids meet Santa and do some reindeer spotting too.

But what else? Do you have any good tips for us? What would you recommend for parents that have left their kids home in Istanbul? What about the Le Mans area with small children?


  1. Wow you’re amazing for traveling with kids if you do it! Can’t say I have any experience in those places (apart from NZ and Australia haha) …!

    1. Our kids travel well and happily, its us parents who end up some what sleep deprived 😉

      1. Yes! Haha … we went to Ireland with our 20 month old and it was SO hard on us adults haha

        1. Our best/worst was the time we flew with a 14month and 2,5 year old kids 27 hours from Helsinki to Auckland and the drove 7-8 hours (mostly at night of course) to my in-laws in Hawke’s Bay. Never to be repeted 🙂 (without more breaks that is. Coming home with stop overs in taupo, Auckland and a week in thailand was pretty ok) but then kids grow as well so most likely that was as hardcore as it will be for us.

          Btw last summer I travelled alone with both kids to see hubby who was on a course in southern Germany, maybe 8-10hours of travelling by bus, airplane, tram and train. I thought it would be a nightmare but it was fun! Flying alone with my husband to uk a little late was much more boring, he just wanted to read 😉

  2. Seriously? Did you lose your mind? Trying to do all of that on top of the move? yeah… good luck on keeping your sanity!! LOL. But seriously, it sounds like fun!

    1. … I think it depends on the priorities you have: I though the move was on top of the travels 😉 (or then you just have to escape and not see the mess you live in…?!) It also helps that we both get 6 weeks paid leave this year 🙂

  3. This sounds amazing!

  4. How exciting! Can’t wait to hear (and see) where you end up!

    1. I’m sure there’ll be a post or two… 🙂

  5. Sounds exciting – looking forward to hearing about Istanbul, would love to go there! Lapland is fantastic, we took our son a few years ago and absolutely loved it. Very jealous….

    1. Where in Lapland where you? I’m hoping there won’t be too many mossies around…

      1. We stayed in Levi but went there in December once and then again in March time – definitely no mossies then, in December some days it was minus twenty five!! I think I would just bring tons of bug spray to be on the safe side!!

        1. That is the upside of winter, no mosquitos. But I’ll rather sleep in a tent in the summer 😀 one of my colleagues is originally from the far north and recommended buying mosquito hats.

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