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Trampolines at Tempputemmellys

Christy visited with her kids a while ago a trampoline park in Singapore. I was thinking that it is a shame there is nothing such here. But there is! Tempputemmellys is a fair sized trampoline park one in Espoonlahti, Espoo. It is not free but I think the prices (8-12e/depending on the time and age) […]

Aquarium in a Grocery Store

Musta Pekka in Käpylä is not the cheapest shop in Helsinki but it has great selection and the best attraction, especially when one needs to do the grocery shopping with tired kids after work: there is an aquarium.

For the Garden Table

Our kids painted these as a part of a present, which we’ll take to a barbecue night now when the spring sun is here again: The kids found it exciting to paint over the form and see what shape emerges. Superb for a week night when everyone is too tired for anything more complicating. Of […]

Anniversary in Istanbul

The last trip me and my husband did before our children came was to Turkey, so for us to do our first trip without children there, pretty exactly five years later, seemed like a perfect idea. Besides, this trip was to celebrate our 10th anniversery (a few months ahead of the actual day, better early […]

Colours and Shapes vol 2

Originally posted on Free But Fun:
Easy but fun way of making cards and art for the walls already at a young age: precut paper in various shapes and colours, take out a glue stick, and off you go. My boy was about 1 year and 3-4 months when we did something like this the…

“Waterfall” in Helsinki: Vanhankaupunginkoski

Vanhankaupunginkoski is a perfect destination for a little outing with children within Helsinki on a sunny Easter Monday when everything is closed. Vanhakaupunki (“old town”) is just north of Toukola and the waterfall in the Vantaa river. There is a tiny island in the middle of the river, on one side is a small natural […]

Small Children and Money

I mentioned earlier that we’ve been selling old toys and clothes on FB flea markets shedding the things we move with, and I’ve asked to be paid in coins so that our children can get money for what they sell for their piggy banks. This has been fun for the and they have been happy to […]

Egg Bunnies

A little Easter breakfast surprise for the kids: I got the idea from a Finnish fb crafts group where somebody had turned boiled eggs into various animals. Can’t find the pist to give credit and I thought an Easter twist the idea would be fun.


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