“Waterfall” in Helsinki: Vanhankaupunginkoski

Vanhankaupunginkoski is a perfect destination for a little outing with children within Helsinki on a sunny Easter Monday when everything is closed. Vanhakaupunki (“old town”) is just north of Toukola and the waterfall in the Vantaa river. There is a tiny island in the middle of the river, on one side is a small natural waterfall (with very brown water…) and on the other side where the mill and dam is, a stronger built waterfall.



My kids were both in awe and afraid of the waterfalls, even though I had warned them about the loud sound of the waterfall (and all I could think was how they are going to react when they see the beautiful big waterfalls in New Zealand). But they loved the cute little bridges to walk on and to look at the locks attached by sweethearts on one of them. I fancy the look of the lovely old red brick buildings, the old mill and nowadays a technical museum, and we all enjoyed a walk/jump/run on both sides of the calm part of the river as well as the packed picnic lunch on one of the benches with the nice view in the sunny weather. There are loads of men fishing there too, just using a rod and hook is free in Finland, for other type of fishing you need to buy a permit.

wpid-20150406_103146.jpg wpid-20150406_103414.jpg

wpid-20150406_105330.jpg wpid-20150406_103136.jpg

wpid-20150406_103130.jpg wpid-20150406_110354.jpg wpid-20150406_105204.jpg


  1. […] an awesome day at work: first barbecue and picnic at Vanhankaupunginkoski. We’ve been there before, but before this I didn’t know you can book the fire place, and the city will light and tend […]

  2. […] Huka falls are a must see in Taupo. Funny though, our kids weren’t impressed as they had seen this in Helsinki and didn’t think there was any difference… […]

  3. I guess the 2 cuties are your kids! They look so grown up and is it still that cold over there? They are still dressed up in winter wear. Over here, it is so hot everyday, and waterfalls are rare, or actually all man-made to be precise. So, it is good to see natural waterfalls, and, I wouldn’t have thought of the loud sound of it to little kids 🙂

    1. It was pretty chilly back then so they are wearing spring overalls. Lucky it’s getting warmer now in June, my son insists on shorts but I find pants may still be needed in the evening and early morning.

  4. That has to be the longest word for “old town” ever! I see Jenna and I had the same thought!
    That is quite the waterfall! We actually only have one waterfall here and it has a pretty easy name: Kathu (pronounced cat-too) waterfall. 🙂

    1. Kathu waterfall seems a like an easy name even for foreigners. How did Zoe like it?

      1. She loved it! It’s pretty brown as well. But we did get to swim in it so that was pretty fun.

  5. I kind of love the super long Finnish words – It takes me like 90 seconds just to read and figure out how to pronounce them!

    1. Lol, I know, that name of the location is insane. I’d love to hear you pronounce them 🙂

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