Trampolines at Tempputemmellys

Christy visited with her kids a while ago a trampoline park in Singapore. I was thinking that it is a shame there is nothing such here. But there is! Tempputemmellys is a fair sized trampoline park one in Espoonlahti, Espoo. It is not free but I think the prices (8-12e/depending on the time and age) compare well to other indoor playgrounds/ activity centres. If an audult wants to jump, they pay too but you can also come in and supervise your children free.

There were a number of different type of trampolines, a big “floor” with trampolines, a long one to run on before jumping of to a madras, springboards to use to jump over things, and there were rope and rings hanging from the roof where you could do tricks in and there was a big trampoline. They also have different type of classes, and one could tell that some had been there quite a few times before as they did such complicated somersaults.

wpid-20150411_171301.jpg wpid-20150411_171311.jpg

wpid-20150411_175422.jpgMe and my daughter arrived there a bit earlier than her friends, so I got to have a go too but have to say kids are more fearless than I… the girls had a lot of fun and were quite cute in how they jumped together. They were initially a bit scared as there was also a big group of older boys who jumped all over the place and also very close to them. But lucky it is a big place, so we could try different things.


Our girls loved the slide, which was very similar to Hoplop, just smaller. There was also a little play house. When we arrived, I was thinking it was a bit random for such a place, and wouldn’t you just go jumping if you pay the entrance but then our girls spend a reasonable amount of time playing in the playhouse between the jumping so my thinking was revised.

Iwpid-20150411_171250.jpg was surprised to see, that there was no real cafe. They sold ice creams and lollies from the till, there was a coffee machine, and there were a fair few table to sit at. Anyway, we had loads of fun and think it was a good way to get some variation to the ordinary week programme.  wpid-20150411_183506.jpg


  1. Mr. T and I went and played at a trampoline park several months ago – it was awesome! I can’t wait to go back and do it again! I’m glad y’all had fun!

    1. You did too, now I remember it! I’ll try to remember to link to your post when I’m at the computer, that was a good one! You were braver than I!

      1. Well, I may or may not have mentioned it took a sports bra, a compression shirt and a t-shirt to make me that brave! LOL

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