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Affordable Moving in Helsinki

So we moved, phew. Yes, I know, neither free nor fun but… a few options to make it more affordable and sustainable: We’ve long ago found that stackable moving boxes are quick and practical and I suppose pretty sustainable as well in the way that they are used many times and not purchased for the […]

Pocket Money on Cleaning Day

On this Cleaning day we went to Kumpula, a lovely suburb with  old wooden houses (and one of the very reasonably prised outdoor pools in Helsinki), that closes off a street, Limingankatu, for the flea markets. As I’ve  been paying more attention to exposing our kids to money, I gave both kids 2e each. It’s […]

Free Summer Fun for Youth

Kesäparkki, a place designed by and for youth, will be open on Annantalo yard everyday but Midsummer Eve 4-8pm in June. There’ll be a dj, various workshops,  courses and opportunities ranging from graffiti and improvisional theatre to basket ball and table tennis. Thursdays the stage will be reserved for bands and their performances. But it […]

Ballet and Puppet Theater on a Playground

The playground leikkipuisto Brahe, also called Braku, organised a get together as part of the Kallio kukkii suburb festival. That playground has very active parents that regularly organise fun and relaxed events (click here to find their Facebook group). This time there was a beautiful ballet performance by 4-6 year old ballerinas and a self […]

Free Events In Helsinki – and Around the World – Summer 2015

If you are not on Facebook, this gives you reason to join: find the city you live in/will spend time in and join the group. At least the Helsinki group already had a good amount of great free tips for the summer! Amsterdam : Athens : Barcelona : Belgrade : Berlin […]

Great Playground in Jyväskylä

We spent a lovely Sunday morning at a playground called Mäki-Matin perhepuisto. It is just a short walk away from the nature museum we visited the day before. The playground was big and catered well for all ages. The flying fox was a favourite among the older kids, my younger one took me on a […]


Viherlandia was a great stop on a rainy day in Jyväskylä. It is famous for its roses, which we hardly saw, but there was plenty of plants and lovely interior items to look at anyway. After an almost 4 hour drive kids were delighted to also see the two kakadus and play a little while […]

Free Nature Museum in Jyväskylä

We visited the nature museum called Keski-Suomen Luontomuseo on a rainy day when catching up with friends in Jyväskylä. The museum is up on the Harju hill just a short walk from the city walking zone. With five tired kids we thought we could try the museum as we’d heard it is child friendly. Also, […]


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