Free Nature Museum in Jyväskylä

wpid-20150502_161241.jpgWe visited the nature museum called Keski-Suomen Luontomuseo on a rainy day when catching up with friends in Jyväskylä. The museum is up on the Harju hill just a short walk from the city walking zone. With five tired kids we thought we could try the museum as we’d heard it is child friendly. Also, there was no entrance fee so nothing would be lost if we’d have to leave quickly. It was a good place to go to!

There were foot prints on the floor that we could follow to the stuffed animal and buttons to be pressed to hear birds sing. Quite a good biology lesson!

wpid-20150502_152803.jpg wpid-20150502_152810.jpg
The artificial displays looked surprisingly authentic, made us laugh how there was even rubbish in the nature. Our kids thought it was exciting to get a look under the ice, and were surprised by the size of an elk.



  1. Looks fun! We have free musuem here too for locals.

    1. Free museums are a great way to encourage visitors!

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  3. One of my favourite things about London is that all their galleries and museums are free. What a wonderful way to encourage folks to get immersed in some culture.

    Looks like this was a fun day of learning for you and the kids!

    1. I didn’t know all museums in London are free. What a great thing to have!

      1. I’m pretty sure that’s the case, Vilma. Definitely the big galleries.

  4. I love when it works out so well! Looks like a fun spot!

    1. Always nice with pleasant surprises

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