Affordable Moving in Helsinki

So we moved, phew. Yes, I know, neither free nor fun but… a few options to make it more affordable and sustainable:

  • We’ve long ago found that stackable moving boxes are quick and practical and I suppose pretty sustainable as well in the way that they are used many times and not purchased for the own use. Also, if you rent them, you are also forced to unpack them quick enough. I did a quick price and size comparison and we got the best offer our need from (“students moving”): they dropped the boxes off at a time we had agreed on and picked them up. We paid 30e for this service and another 30e for 50 boxes for 5 days (no deliveries on weekends or public holidays). They will also do the moving for you and do various deals over all. We, of course, have friends to do that instead, that way the moving actually gets a positive side note too as in a few beers and pizzas in sweaty but good company.
  • We/ friends also purchased cardboard boxes, probably from Biltema or Clas Olsons, to pack ahead of the move, and it is pretty handy to have some friends move 2 weeks before you and 2 weeks after you so that you get easily rid off the empty boxes and they get more use out of them. If nobody you know is moving, I would suggest announcing on an FB recycling group and somebody will come and pick them up from you.
  • Did you know you can borrow a trailer for free for a day from Kierrätyskeskus (Recycling Centre)? Also, most gas stations rent trailers for 30-50e/day, no reservations needed. Or you can borrow a van from a friend and not have to worry about getting it back a certain time…

There was a fun part too: as we got rid of most of our furniture (as a last option Kierrätyskeskus picked up our sofa for free which they will do to all furniture in truly good shape, eg no pet hair allowed), we emptied an IKEA too (please find options for buying quality furniture for a good price here). It is easy, everything matches, it is fun to plan what you want your new home to look like, and, as a bonus, we’ve had loads of family fun time (this is mostly not said in a sarcastic manner) assembling the IKEA puzzles.

I think we’ve been looking enough at the IKEA instructions though: I asked my 3,5 yo son draw a car this morning. He drew the pieces of a car and then with the help of this drawing explained how to assemble it to go fast.



  1. […] Since we moved and lost “our” apple tree, our kids have been happy to pick some this way anyway. Self made apple jam is simply delicious! […]

  2. Wait, let me take some time to read back your posts to understand why you are moving…but your son’s drawing is certainly an engineer in making!

    1. The last home was intended to be a temporary one as it’s maintenance costs were high. Also, we found out daycare and school districts are not the same and even though there is a preschool at the kids daycare my daughter would have been sent to another one in a year’s time. I’m sure you as another FTWM understand the value of having both kids go to the same daycare/preschool/school… so we bought a new home only 2kms north of were we were but so that the kids can continue in the same daycare and the preschool in the same building. The school will also be on the way so the logistics should be manageable during the next few years.

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