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I realised I haven’t posted any crafts posts for ages. Well, that’s because we haven’t been doing anything very inventive but kept to the basics: good old play doh, paper dolls and designing clothes and accessories for them etc. Letters have also been of interest again, so of course we’ve danced to letters again. But we’ve […]

Forest and Midsummer

It has been far too much lately to plan anything special to do for midsummer, but one sure way to enjoy it, is to be surrounded by nature. A summerhouse with happily babysitting grandparents makes the choice easy. Normally I love the beach and the sea by the summerhouse but this time we’ve spent more […]

Children’s Day at Sello Shopping Centre

The mall Sello in Espoo organised on Saturday something they called the Children’s day (Lasten Päivä) programme on the square on the roof of the mall. These kind of events are often a lot of fun, so we agreed to catch up there with some friends. Some of these shopping centre theme days for kids […]

St Malo, France

We picked St Malo as a destination mainly because it was on the coast and not a too long drive from a wedding we attended. Without really knowing what we where doing, we made a great pick, full of history and low cost things to do. The old town of St Malo is on a […]

Driving Games

Are we the only family who does not let kids watch dvd’s/play on an iPad when driving long distance? The main reason for this is that one of our children gets motion sickness very easily and I’m done washing vomit if I can avoid it. But while stuck in the closed space I’ve found it […]


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