Driving Games

Are we the only family who does not let kids watch dvd’s/play on an iPad when driving long distance? The main reason for this is that one of our children gets motion sickness very easily and I’m done washing vomit if I can avoid it.

But while stuck in the closed space I’ve found it also to be a pretty good opportunity to spend time together. What do you do when driving? I’d appreciate more suggestions, as we’ll have longer distances to drive later this summer. But here are a few things we do:

– a mixture of ” I spy” and the similar Finnish game “what do you know of my friend”. As our kids don’t know what letter words start with yet, they give us a hint that describes what ever they are thinking of. And it can really be what ever. Very amusing to hear their thoughts. Or giggles when they think they are ultra smart.

– making up stories: one starts, the next one continues. With the older one we can also have a rule of always having to incorporate something we see right then out of the window.

– of course we sing. Or kids take turns making up songs. And there are many Christmas carols sung…

– they did surprisingly well playing tourist bus guides: One was the narrator, the other one translated it. I didn’t think they could interpret like that but only here and there did I help the older one with a few words, the younger one was mostly playing a clown. But we had fun and they rehearsed their three languages so I’d say it was a success.

– play the “who can first spot…”
– learning/ making up sign language
– of course we have audio books, music and snacks too. Carrots are fabulous as they are healthy and take a long time.

What else could we play?

The last drives has led us to see this kind of places, could be worse:







  1. […] the Junior Alias (on the left) is great in training vocabulary in our three languages (also great in the car), and Einertrainer, a game from my childhood, is great for basic maths, simple additions and […]

  2. […] in car: driving from Rovaniemi to Kilpisjärvi takes about 6 hours without stops. It took a lot of driving games but not a lot of […]

  3. Good games to bear in mind for my future car trips. You are not the only one who don’t allow eyes glue on to technology in the car. I disallow my kids to do that too for fear of motion sickness and not so healthy to the eyes. Besides, I am trying to get them to off tech during meal-times.

    1. We also have a rule of no mobiles at the table. Now parents have to remember it too… :/

  4. I actually love that idea – no kids yet, but being in a car for me represents a time where you HAVE to at least hear each other. There’s no escape, there’s nothing to do but think and listen. Plus, if you are always looking down, you never get familiar with your surroundings!

    1. Good point with also looking around!

  5. We don’t have devices in the car either – same reason – and play all those games too!!

    1. Cool, we are not the only ones! But as much as you get around you do well with games.

      1. I Spy tends to be played an awful lot!!!

  6. We don’t let our kids play on devices in the car unless they are inconsolable. On long journeys as children we used to play awesome games in the car – hoping to do that with our kids too 😀

    1. Happy to hear we are not the only ones! I don’t mind kids screen time now and then either but somehow I wish they’ll also learn to be able to wait also without a device. Maybe I’m just old fashioned. .?

  7. I always wanted to be the type of person/family that played those road games, they sound like so much fun! But alas, we didn’t take enough road trips to ever really play any!

    1. I am sure you had other type of fun instead!

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