I realised I haven’t posted any crafts posts for ages. Well, that’s because we haven’t been doing anything very inventive but kept to the basics: good old play doh, paper dolls and designing clothes and accessories for them etc. Letters have also been of interest again, so of course we’ve danced to letters again. But we’ve been doing other stuff too like cutting letters and pictures from magazines (hooray for paper recycling bins).

The younger one has trained forming his whole name (his nickname is so widely used that he hardly sees his name in written ) of those and then glued words that in Finnish start with the same letter. Or made “letter cards” glueing the same letter, eg S, that looks different with different fonts.


The older one has started to connect the sounds to letters e.g. by me offering a number of pictures and then she picks the ones that start with a certain letter. Or she’s thought of words that start with a sound and drawn them.


We’ve done similar simple letter and sound combining stuff spelling simple and familiar words with some Barbapapa letter stickers we bought in France too. There we played, while driving, similar games to the free computer programme teaching spelling (Ekapeli) by me showing a few and kids telling me which one they get. And you know how kids like getting stickers so that kept them from whining in the car for a while.


Free, fun and simple activities that may even result in some learning still after a busy day!


  1. I have been so remiss in reading posts lately (and commenting), but I always love your craft posts! Keep them coming! 🙂

  2. I miss your crafts for sure! I haven’t been doing much too, now that academic work is overtaking play time by and by. I need to restart the crafts again before the kids totally outgrow them.

    1. Thanks, I miss crafts too. I think we’ll get there again when on summer holiday the rainy days hit us…

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