Ear Rings and Fashion Designs

My 5yo daughter is known to be crafty, and received a few jewellery kits for her birthday. Guess how surprised and delighted I was when she one day after work (she was home with dad) gave me these, my new favourite ear rings for sure:

It is quite a cool little jewellery kit that requires good fine motor skills to get the beads on the little metal loops. The loops are also thread on each other like keys on key rings. No glue or needles needed, so it is not messy, but definitively too difficult for the 3,5 yo little brother. With summer holidays coming up it will be added to the list of crafts that can be easily done on airplanes and in hotels when travelling though.

Almost as much as my daughter likes making accessories she likes fashion designing. She has been drawing heaps for a long time, sometimes also cutting out dresses from magazines and glueing them on the drawings and explaining remarkable details about how strings or decorative buttons should be adjusted. This “hobby” of hers got a new dimension when she for her birthday got a Barbie fashion design booklet that has female silhouettes drawn on the pages that children can design the clothes on (no, not a paid add. Just a mum observing her daughter finding her own focus of interest).

wpid-20150628_112727.jpg wpid-20150628_112736.jpg

wpid-20150628_112840.jpg wpid-20150628_112825.jpg wpid-20150628_112815.jpg

I have no idea how she got so interested in designing clothes, certainly not from me. But I think the Barbie design stuff will come along as well when we explore some more of Finland, and then it is time to look which mall organises a free fashion show that she might be interested in seeing.


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  5. Wow! You have a very talented little girl! I love the earrings… 🙂

  6. I am so impressed by her dwgs!! You have a talented girl and at such tender age! Look at the proportion of the girls that she drew as well as the way they stand, she has an eye for details. Definitely a direction worth encouraging forward 🙂 Perhaps you should keep these dwgs and showcase in a portfolio and remember to write the date she drew for record 🙂 Post more of her dwgs please… 🙂

    1. I have a big folder where I save some of the arts the kids make. But she is too productive to save it all 🙂 But I also take pictures of their drawings and other art, I have the intention to make photo books of them for them but… maybe when they move out there’ll be time for that?!

      1. That will be the time when we have too much time on hand 🙂

        1. Hard to imagine too much time 🙂

  7. Wow – she’s so talented! How awesome would it be if that is the skill that she takes and blossoms with? And even if not, I bet she is the best dressed, most adventurous dressed, teenager around!

    1. Would be pretty amazing if somebody would find their calling at the age of 4! But hey, as long as she enjoys it, I don’t mind seeing the creativity 🙂

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