Rovaniemi, Arctic Circle and Santa Clause

Me and my husband have been there before but it’s a visit that we had to do with our children too; I flew to Rovaniemi with our children and my husband drove up (Helsinki – Rovaniemi, 11-12hrs). We arrived at the Rovaniemi airport:



The airport is just a couple of kilometres from the Arctic Circle and Santa Clause:










There are plenty of souvenir shops, elves to spot and Santa’s post office. And of course Santa! …and Christmas carols playing 24/7…

Seeing Santa Clause is free, as is the walking tour to him through fake ice and a dark tunnel like thing but buying pictures of you with Santa Clause is nowhere near to free.
I’m not sure how Santa’s Salmon fits the Christmas story… but the teepee like tents Sami people used to live in Lappland fit the scenery quite well and seems to be imitated in all the architecture in Santa’s village.


There was a good playground to stretch tired legs in after all the travelling.

We stayed in a cabin in Santa’s village as my husband gets a very good deal there through his work. Otherwise they are not cheap, but maybe still worth to enhance the excitement of the kids of visiting Santa? I liked the inside of the cabins: they are not luxurious but clean, comfortable and they all have a sauna and a little kitchenette. A night also includes a fantastic hotel breakfast in one of the Christmas shops, almost worth staying there for.

After our breakfast we used the bathrooms and my son happily exclaimed: “Santa Clause has peed in this toilet too”. Happy days!



  1. […] Helsinki-Rovaniemi (I flew with the kids for about an hour, my husband drove our car for about 12 hours to get there) – Arctic Circle – Tornio river and river towns both in Finland and in Sweden – Kilpisjärvi and Saana – Skibotn in Norway – Levi – Ranua – Oulu – Raahe – Kalajoki – Pyhäjoki – Oulu – husband off to work by car, me and the kids by train first to Seinäjoki and after a night there with friends home to Helsinki. […]

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  4. Oh my goodness, I laughed at what your son said. I would love to take Z here for next Christmas…I think she would absolutely love it (and I would too!).

  5. My husband and I visited this place before we had our son – absolutely loved it – and took him there when he was about 5 – we loved it just as much again!! Staying in a cabin sounds great – we didn’t do that but would have liked to.

    1. Good to hear you had a good time too!

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