Levi Ski Resort in the Summer

Levi is one of the most known ski resorts of Finnish Lapland, about 2 hours drive north of Rovaniemi (and 5 hours drive southeast from Kilpisjärvi). We had heard it is busy also in the summer due to many hiking routes but mainly we went there as the weather forecast looked better there than in Kilpisjärvi and there was the most northern s-chain hotell (as my husband had, due to his work, gained so many points that we could stay a few nights for free in these hotels. This was a perfect opportunity to take up on those. And to warm up!).

Break Sokos Hotel Levi gave us a lovely surprise and upgraded us to a two room suite with our own sauna, so we stayed there two nights. They also had a great play room for the kids in the hotel as well as fantastic staff (I was not asked to say so, this is my honest opinion).

Warm and well-rested we checked our mobiles for the weather forecast in the morning, and it looked like sun all day. Great! Then we looked out and it was pouring. Not so great. The rain continued all day long. So much for weather forecasts…

But we needed to get out and do stuff anyway, so we put our rain clothes on, jumped in puddles, walked up the Levi fell next to or under the ski lifts (this was enough walking for our kids overall and for us in the rain too. So we didn’t try any of the marked routes), enjoyed the view and our packed lunch and took one of the Panorama gondolas down (8e/2 adults, our kids were free). If it hadn’t rained we would have taken the luge down, I think that would have cost 5e/ride.


Looking down to the village which is purely a resort with plenty of hotels and shops.
On the other side of the hill is a great adventure park with a fair sized playground and traffic park with pedal cars and miniature kiosks, gas stations and churches to be used for free. Our son is crazy about cars, so it took a lot to get him away.



There were also tennis courts and other outdoor sports facilities but in the rain we didn’t check their cost.

Levi restaurant on the other side of the fell:
As Levi is a resort, it also has costy activity options like a spa, indoor playground for kids, and of course loads of restaurants and pubs. I would have expected it to be more expensive though, maybe it is during the high season of skiing? We were surprised by how quiet it was, however, we were there Sunday -Tuesday and many shops seemed to be closed on Sundays and Mondays.

For somebody wanting to do day hikes returning to comfortable accommodation, Levi could be an option. Later on the trip we met a family who had booked an activity package in Levi with various sport things to do every day for a pretty reasonable price too. As for us, we were happy to be there, enjoyed the rest and the warmth of the hotel but have no urgent need to get back there for now.


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  2. We’ve been to Levi a couple of times for skiing in winter – loved it – interesting to see it in a completely different time of year.

    1. Must be quite different when covered with snow!

      1. Different but also very lovely!

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