Raahe, Dogs and Old Town


About an hour south of Oulu, also on the west coast is Raahe. It’s old town is famous so we scheduled a lunch break there. The old town was pretty but it seemed more ran down than the old towns in Rauma, Porvoo or Jakobstad.

But the water front was beautiful, had a couple of playgrounds, and then we saw a little tent village. Turned out they had an outdoor dog exhibition on, which we watched for a while. Kids seemed interested, and then one of them asked: “why aren’t the dogs allowed to play?”.
Time to take out the packed lunch.


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  2. At least they didn’t ask for a dog. 🙂

    1. Haha, true. But that might come since I’ve already been asked why we don’t have a pony (“errr… we live in an apartment. In a city””???”). And they are good at asking. My son wants a jet ski for his 4th birthday. (He may be disappointed… )

      1. A jet ski! That’s amazing! It’s great that he dreams big. 🙂

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