Crafting Sock Animals



While on holiday, there is more time for crafts again. We all had fun and these became such great toys that I didn’t have time to take pictures of them after they had dried (needless to point out that in the games they didn’t last too long). But I thought this was a cute idea, the process of making was fun and then there were some carrot eating and jumping bunnies around the house for awhile. I especially loved that the kids (ours and neighbours, all aged 3-5) made these up based on things we had available.

We’ve done other simple crafts with old socks too:


  1. I really love that the kids made it up based on what is on hand – it today’s age it is so easy to lose that imagination and not see the wonder in what is around us! You guys are doing great raising kids that still see magic!

    1. Love that you appreciate the imagination still too! I really hope ours will never loose it, it just seems to me that life is a lot flatter without imagination!

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