Highlights of our Roadtrip in Lapland 2015

Me and my husband met 10 years ago and were already talking about going far north hiking back then. We finally made the trip!wpid-20150705_110748.jpg

Our Route:

Helsinki-Rovaniemi (I flew with the kids for about an hour, my husband drove our car for about 12 hours to get there) – Arctic Circle Tornio river and river towns both in Finland and in SwedenKilpisjärvi and SaanaSkibotn in Norway Levi – RanuaOuluRaaheKalajoki – PyhäjokiOulu – husband off to work by car, me and the kids by train first to Seinäjoki and after a night there with friends home to Helsinki.

Favourites named by the our Children:

Favourites of Parents:

Downsides and disappointments:

  • The weather: it was exceptionally cold and there was more than enough of rain. We intended to camp all the way but as it was so wet and/or cold we spent five nights in hotels and one in a cabin instead. Hotels were good though, they wpid-20150711_173314.jpgjust don’t have the same connection to the nature.
  • The rowdy night in Kalajoki.
  • The cheap cabin in Nallikari in Oulu was not clean.


I didn’t calculate the cost of the trip but we spent less than 1000e inwpid-20150710_174419.jpg total as we had so many nights for free/ heavily discounted nights in hotels due to my husbands work. We also used a lot of his points for free meals in S-chain restaurants that he accumulates spending a lot of work nights in S-chain hotels. The flight for me and the children cost about 150e as we booked early on, and the two train trips Oulu-Seinäjoki, Seinäjoki-Oulu cost about 120e as I booked them in the last minute.

If you are interested in camping in Finland and wondering about the cost, maybe the calculations I did on last years camping trip through central Finland will give you an idea of how much this sort of travelling costs, as well as some pros and cons from our point of view on camping with small children.25-27.6 Metsäranta camping, Jyväskylä (1)


  1. […] visit to Vimmerby was a part of our, by now, annual camping trip. Opposed to last year in the far north, this year we had fantastic summer weather. The sun and warmth made sleeping in a tent pleasant. […]

  2. What an adventure! I will have to read up on last year’s camping trip to get your tips. It’s one thing we haven’t really tried with our kids. The threat of not enough sleep has kept me from giving it a go thus far, but I think everyone is old enough now to consider it. Interesting to see Lapland when it’s not frozen!

    1. I expected last year the trip to be really tough on us parents but it was quite the opposite: maybe being outdoors all the time did the trick and kids and us parents slept really well? This year we had one night that was too cold and one that was too loud to sleep but that we can only blame on our poor choices 🙂 I recommend it!

      1. You’re probably right – all that extra energy spent outdoors that can’t be expended inside a hotel room 🙂

  3. Excellent post. Thank you. I really enjoyed it. I know many places where You visited and drove, because since 2004 I have driven about 15000 km shooting photos around Finland. How many days Your road trip lasted and how many kilometers You drove?

    Happy Sunday!

    1. Thank you! We spent 12 days on our trip but unfortunately we didn’t check the kilometers and I can’t even guess. Do you have a few favourite place in Finland to recommend for our future travels?

      1. There are so many interesting places to be seen. Someday when You have time, visit my blog with thoughts and You get ideas. 🙂

        When we are on road trip, we write short diary just to remember later things.

        Here is the last post from our road trip in 2013:

        North of Arctic Circle 13.

        For example at the end there is photo from Excel work sheet telling our car km, cost and much more. If You want to see previous post, there is ling in every post. In the beginning, we have told for example the temperature.

        Have a wonderful day!

  4. It looks like y’all did a lot! Love maximizing on those discounts!!

    1. Always good to take advantage of freebies, even when it wasn’t our intention! but I sent hubby off working and saving up points for a weekend in a spa. Hope the employer will agree to send him to suitable places 🙂 (I almost think I should start coordinating their work 😉 )

  5. Sounds like a great trip – for the adults and children plenty of highlights for both!! Shame about the weather, cold and wet is just so disappointing!

    1. Tell me about it. But next year we’ll head south! And we’ll enjoy the NZ sun during their summer so we’ll survive 🙂

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