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Slow Mornings

…with small children and without tv. Is that possible?! Yes. And extremely enjoyable! I know that in other families kids get up on their own and adults get to sleep in. Well, for some reason ours don’t. They always get us. So when my husband is home we take turns, when he is away…well, no […]

Poetry for Children at Annantalo Culture House

I’m not usually huge on poems, too many that I do not understand, but Runokuu, “Poetry Moon”, hosted a fun event for children at Annatalo (and Runokuu offer programme for all ages for a week all over Helsinki). To be honest, Annatalo often hosts good cultural and art events for children that we visit far […]

Lilla Luckan at the Night of the Arts

Thursday was the Night of the Arts, and therefore loads of art related opportunities and eg good sales in book shops all around the city. Even though it was also a week night we decided to continue from the Night Market to the city centre to get a glimpse of everything going on. Talking about […]

Helsinki Night Market at Teurastamo 2015

My family met me yesterday at 4pm at my work and from there we went to visit the Helsinki Night Market in Teurastamo (“the abattoir”, used to be one but hosts now events) in Kalasatama. It wasn’t exactly night yet but a great place to chill in the sun while choosing several, small but tasty, food options to […]

So What’s Up with Us? Repetition!!

I’m back at work and kids back at daycare. We like our jobs and kids love their daycare. But, again, I find the evenings too short for everything that would be fun to do. Somehow we end up doing the same old and just enjoying the sushine. And we love it. But isn’t that the […]

Sewing for Small Children

Sewing these type of paper characters from dot to dot is what my kids started their sewing career with: At 5 my daughter thought the paper sewing was easy and wanted to do more. She flipped through one of my crafts books and wanted to do a teddy. I figured she’d be able to sew […]

Top 5 Free Things to do in Turku

I love to visit my old home town Turku in the summer, it is beautiful, cruisy, and just about everything is a only a walk away. Here are my top 5 free things to do in Turku: 1) The river Aura invites to picnics, wonderful walks and boat watching. This summer me and my hubby […]

Helsinki City Bus Numbers, Postcodes and Maths

My free tip of the day: Have you realised the bus numbers in Helsinki are based on the postal codes their routes end in? Makes guessing their route and destination a bit easier (for locals). The numbers have also offered us much more entertainment I could ever have imagined before kids: first recognising numbers, then […]


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