Sewing for Small Children

Sewing these type of paper characters from dot to dot is what my kids started their sewing career with:


At 5 my daughter thought the paper sewing was easy and wanted to do more. She flipped through one of my crafts books and wanted to do a teddy. I figured she’d be able to sew felt fabric and she did really well! I used safety pins to keep the parts on the places. She did most of the stitches but did get tired towards the end and asked me to finish it while she designed the clothes for the teddy. The designs are made so I think this post maybe continued at some point… but this was a fun start for sewing together!


My son isn’t quite there yet for sewing but seeing what his sister was doing wanted to have a ginger bread guy in similar style, so that is what I did for him while he put Christmas carols on in the middle of the hottest summer. All happy so why not? 😉


  1. […] kids started with sewing paper pictures, then my daughter wanted to sew a little bear using stitches she had learnt at daycare, and then we […]

  2. […] good at sewing paper pictures but wasn’t interested in more “real sewing” after the initial bear. I thought she did really well sewing it but she didn’t want to do anything similar so maybe […]

  3. […] good at sewing paper pictures but wasn’t interested in more “real sewing” after the initial bear. She did really well with ut but maybe it was a bit too advanced because she didn’t want to […]

  4. You know what? I really love reading your crafts! It always reminds me that I need to spend more time doing the same with my children while they are still young. Right now, they are growing up so fast and with my 2 elder kids who are much into academic focus these days, we hardly do these crafts anymore, which is really sad.. And I really admire your persistence to do something simple and fun with your kids. This persistence is very rare for working parents. You are my idol, you know? 🙂 Thanks for always inspiring me!

    1. Wow, me an idol?! 😀 the best compliment ever!!! Thanks! ❤ Honestly, I mostly what i enjoy. I (nor the kids after long weeks) don't have the energy to make complicating stuff but I want to be present. But that is were I get a lot of inspiration from your posts from spending time outdoors; small excursions, not even that far away but together, and you all seem to have so much fun. We always enjoy our simple forest walks and play in the nature!
      In a year my oldest will be 6 and start preschool. Let's see how school will change things… thank you for showing me you can still have fun as a family even though focus has to be more on academics the older kids grow!

  5. I remember sewing on sheets like that when I was little!

    1. On sheets? That’s new for me! Cool with ideas 🙂

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