So What’s Up with Us? Repetition!!

I’m back at work and kids back at daycare. We like our jobs and kids love their daycare. But, again, I find the evenings too short for everything that would be fun to do. Somehow we end up doing the same old and just enjoying the sushine. And we love it.

But isn’t that the one thing kids really like, repetition?! They don’t seem to get old of reading the same books over and over again. When asked, they prefer going to the same beach (although our son loved the beach at the end of Kallahdentie in Vuosaari when us parents wanted a change. It is very shallow and one can easily walk to small islands. I ended up running around with the almost 4 yo for about 30 minutes because he loved the splashing. Simple, free and fun for him and everyone who saw his joy. There is a nice climbing frame too, in case you are up to a little trip within Helsinki too) or outdoor pool, the same playgrounds (but if you, like me, sometimes need a change, then you may find some options by checking out the category playgrounds) and just playing outside and riding bikes (and that, folks, is a big one for us right now as even my younger one has learnt to ride a pedal bike without training wheels. Bikes, what a great investment).

What about us parents? Well, we repeat as well: barbecues, picking and eating berries, and friends summarises it pretty well. We even had a great get together with my old study mates in Seurasaari doing that (yes, the same old place we’ve been to in the midst of the dark of Autumn too. Repetition). it is pretty amazing: 18 years ago there was 5 of us starting our studies at the uni. Now we are scattered around Europe and when we all meet, once or twice a year, there is more than 20 of us.

I like repeating my favourite mum-is-tired-after-work games too, hairdressing and massage. Pretty funny to hear “Mum is faster at making braids because she has had several hundred years of practice”…

Another thing we stick to, is our routine of a bedtime story. However, it is not just one bedtime story any more but three. We all choose one book or story, and I love the way even the youngest one now is happy to sit and listen to stories that have more text than pictures. I have started to read some of the stories my parents read to me as a child, some of them have even been read to my mum when she was young. Priceless. Currently getting to know more of Astrid Lindgren’s books, so beloved by all kids in Scandinavia (The Children of the Noisy Village, Karlsson on the Roof, Madicken…). Oh, and guess how I felt when my daughter asked me when we finally could revisit the library? We haven’t been there since we moved (apart from the one we went to in Oulu on a rainy day)… but back to the basics it is!

Shortly, things are plain and that feels good!

However, we may have to get a little out of the normal the next few days. There certainly is enough to choose from in Helsinki:


  1. […] course, one can be active with children, and I like to take mine swimming, ice skating, bike riding, walking in the nature or up a mountain etc. It is affordable, fun and I hope my children will […]

  2. […] Also, as I’ve mentioned before, we try to read every night before bed. We’ve subscribed Bamse, a cute kids comic in Swedish, for a while. It comes once a month and when it comes our children want to sit down and read immediately. It has great educative but entertaining stories. So I wanted to find something similar in English. Especially since all the peers know the same “cool characters” we have in Finnish and Swedish stories, which makes our children prefer them over many of the English children’s books (which I often find way more fun). But it was hard to find a magazine that would come once a month, be entertaining and have a focus on a rich use of language. There were the ones like Octonauts, interactive magazines that always come with stickers and some cheap plastic cr*p that kids love but that will hardly increase their language skill (yes, interaction is fine but not in such basic level in the long run). Finally I found Story box. It is great! Always has a theme, a longer story and some shorter ones, often also encouraging to interact around the stories. Our children can’t wait to read and reread the magazine! […]

  3. Sounds lovely, actually. Just relaxing and sticking to fun and comfortable routines. There’s something to be said about not being adventurous all the time 🙂

    1. And I’m sure you know what you are talking about!

      1. Too many adventures all slammed together = too exhausting to enjoy 😉

  4. There are many times that just doing the routine everyday things is such a nice change that I get so renewed from it. I have a feeling that I will need that about a month from now for sure, we are moving in two weeks and I have started working and Chad is working two jobs. Its been pretty crazy. 🙂
    Btw… our bedtime routine sounds very similar. 🙂 I love that time of the day… we all reconnect and talk about our day… its awesome!

    1. You are working? I must have missed a post? What do you do? But I agree, as a balance to crazy schedules routines feel good. How fun that you enjoy reading as well! Good luck moving!

      1. I have been working on some web design projects 🙂 it’s very part time, but feels so time consuming… Well z is on summer break too, so that’s probably why 🙂

        1. Cool, Congrats on getting the job! I remember you doing the course, glad you can use the skills!

          1. Me too! Thanks!

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