Poetry for Children at Annantalo Culture House

I’m not usually huge on poems, too many that I do not understand, but Runokuu, “Poetry Moon”, hosted a fun event for children at Annatalo (and Runokuu offer programme for all ages for a week all over Helsinki). To be honest, Annatalo often hosts good cultural and art events for children that we visit far too rarely. And the building is pretty!

This time I went there together with my son who just recently has found his interest for drawing and a variety of stories.
– First we first followed the treasure map from poem and task to the next poem and task. This was such a simple idea but my son thought it was exciting!
– Then we popped into the comic exhibition, which was advertised for children but neither one of us really understood the comics so maybe they were targeting people between 4 and 30+…?
– The comic workshop offered more fun: we got to craft with fluffy potato bits again, which we haven’t used since chicken pox but which my son loved now. It was fun to try them 1,5 years later and to see how he has developed.


– Of course we also popped in to the Mobile Library Bus filled with children’s books today on the back yard but rather than listen to a story in Finnish, Swedish or Estonian, almost 4, invited my to a cafe, “just the two of us”. That was an offer I had to take up on, so we left!



  1. what a great offer, and yes, you had to take it!

    1. And he was a perfect little gentleman too. Awww 🙂

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