Slow Mornings

…with small children and without tv. Is that possible?! Yes. And extremely enjoyable!

I know that in other families kids get up on their own and adults get to sleep in. Well, for some reason ours don’t. They always get us. So when my husband is home we take turns, when he is away…well, no sleep ins for me. It is not always fun to get up but ALWAYS fun to have that short quiet moment with one child playing/reading together.

When the other one gets up I usually get time for the newspaper (or blogs…) as they start to play together. Naturally they fight as well but usually our kids seem very happy to stay home and play in their pj’s after full weeks. I’ve found that if the TV isn’t put immediately on they create amazingly imaginative games. Last Sunday they had all the Barbies, My Little Ponies and cars out, and they created such adventures, volcanoes, car races, shopping trips, dead pets and their funerals etc. So much better to watch than any TV programme! I couldn’t move nor prepare breakfast as I was too entertained by their games that revealed well what they had in mind. Awesome. Pure pleasure to me. I bet, also for them.

And after a slow morning, (which,btw, may also include children’s programmes. Just so you know, we don’t deprive them of tv completely) they are happily up for other stuff, like an 8 km long bike ride last Sunday afternoon.

Anyone else out there enjoying watching their kids use their imagination early on weekend mornings?


  1. Love mornings like you describe, when Mr. T and I would be up and could just enjoy each other!

    1. Sometimes it is awesome not to do anything special 🙂

  2. I love mornings like this. Z always wakes me up, her dad is NOT a morning person… we don’t go near him until about 8am if we can help it. So we always get up, make breakfast and eat together and play for a bit before she watches a show and I work out. 🙂 I love our mornings though. Sometimes I hate getting up so early, but I always love our time together.

    1. Why haven’t thought of the morning tv being a perfect time to do a workout?! Probably because I may have been to sleepy… but anyway, I’m always looking at finding the good moments to have time for some, so I’ll definitively start doing that too!

      1. It saves me every day! Good luck 🙂

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