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Airplane Entertainment for Small Children

We are looking forward to catching up with family in the southern hemisphere, but we are not quite as much looking forward to the long hauls preceding that: 27 hours of flying means loads of quality time with your children… Here can a list be found for what we used to do with toddlers in […]

Saturday Wishes

A Saturday full of opportunities, Helsinki Design Week, a picnic to welcome refugees, swimming etc. And a shining sun. What to do? Today our children chose: In the morning we made flat bread because one child loves baking and it’s been ages. Thid was practical too because one child has a very restricted diet due […]

Play Doh Hedgehogs

Back to the most simple crafts: We were tired but it wasn’t quite bedtime yet. We had some old, almost too dry, play doh and we had tooth picks. That was enough for making a little family, and a perfect little thing to do together. While sticking the tooth picks in, I heard all about […]

Iceskating Classes

Did you know most ice skating schools let you try one or two lessons for free? We tried a family lesson and had loads of fun! Obviously it is mainly aiming to teach kids ice skate but my husband thought he might get a few good pointers too (but honestly, for somebody who stood on […]


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