Saturday Wishes

A Saturday full of opportunities, Helsinki Design Week, a picnic to welcome refugees, swimming etc. And a shining sun. What to do? Today our children chose:

In the morning we made flat bread because one child loves baking and it’s been ages. Thid was practical too because one child has a very restricted diet due to some health issues, can’t eat normal bread and really misses it.

After the breakfast we went for a walk in the nature to explore it. We found flowers, a lady bird, a tunnel made of plants and other super exciting stuff. Of course we had packed food along. We never went further than maybe 2 kms from our home but surely walked 3-4 kms. Lovely!





In the afternoon we went for a bike ride, and happen to run into friends and then had a few bike races together.

In the evening we put some of the balcony herbs in the ground next to our common barbecue shelter on the backyard to survive the winter and grow again next spring. We made plans with a neighbour to create a proper herb garden there in then too. We had neighbours children join us in the fun (obviously making it even more fun. Having cool neighbours is a bliss!). We also got a few plants ready to cheer up our balcony even when the autumn weather hits us.

A day full of activities in a relaxed manner, truly free but fun.


  1. […] are still many low cost activities that we all like, our skateboards and scooters are well used, bikes, walks in the nature, rock climbing in the forest, swimming in the lakes or the sea, crafts, board games… soon it […]

  2. Cool neighbors are the best :). Are you all already in jackets?! It’s still hot as blazes here. Hooray for a bike ride and fresh-baked bread!

    1. Mornings and evenings are crisp enough to wear a jacket, and now it seems even the autumn wind and rain is catching up with us and days grow shorter… kids see the bright side: “soon we’ll see the moon before we go to bed!”

  3. Oh man, preparing for winter already! When does it usually start in Helsinki?
    Sounds like a great family and fun filled weekend 🙂

    1. Hopefully winter is still a few months away but you can never be sure 😉 But it was indeed an enjoyable weekend proving that sometimes less is more.

      1. I often enjoy our less planned times 🙂

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