Airplane Entertainment for Small Children

We are looking forward to catching up with family in the southern hemisphere, but we are not quite as much looking forward to the long hauls preceding that: 27 hours of flying means loads of quality time with your children… Here can a list be found for what we used to do with toddlers in airplanes or when some quiet time in hotels were needed. This time our kids will be 4 and 5, so even though some of the options definitively will be good like making bracelets with beads as well as playing with tin foil, there’ll be other opportunities available now as well.

Of course we’ll have, like everybody, pens and drawing paper. I often also buy each child a new exercise book before a trip, at least there’ll be plenty of time to do the more difficult tasks together.

The easy, small and light toys, that will cater for creative entertainment for a long time will be 2-4 cars (houses and tunnels can be built out of cups and other stuff), small Dusty & co airplanes, 2-3 Polly Pockets, magnetic paper dolls and loom bands.

I also find it worth investing a few euros in cards with magic stickers quite good for trips, light and they’ll do for the duration of the trip.

imageFor the evenings on the road I will also check in a glue stick and scissors as they’ll always be some magazines to cut. A twist band, skipping rope, a ball and a couple of small shovels and outdoor cars will provide for an outlet of energy even if we’d be in a place with nowhere really to play. The book that opens up as a dollhouse is too big to open up in a flight but will come in handy in New Zealand.

…and of course there are movies to watch, books to read and games on our mobiles.

What do you pack along for your children? Especially suggestions that are easy, light and small to pack, low cost and offer creative (more options, more play) entertainment are very welcome!


  1. How lovely. We made two trips to Rio de Janeiro and Lima, when my son was two and four years old. First trip via Madrid to Rio. The second trip via New York, Miami, Panama, Quito and finally Lima. We had no problems.

    1. Lovely to hear it all went well for you!

  2. I can’t even imagine doing a flight that long with my kids, I’m freaking out about the 4 hours! Good luck 🙂

    1. Thanks. We’ll have a blast. If not, you’ll know; )

      1. Ha HA 🙂

  3. Hooray for travel. 5 and 6 are so much easier than when they are younger don’t you think? Z is 4 and I can actually watch a movie on board because she entertains herself now. It’s fabulous.
    Oh, what are magic stickers?

    1. Lol, let’s see if I’ll realise I can watch a movie: the last time I flew only with my husband I was all like “how boring is this when he just wants to read and nobody wants to play with me” 😉

      Magic stickers is what we call reusable stickers. My daughter has a number of women and then loads of different dresses and accessories that she can dress the women with. A bit like paper dolls but they stay better put. Does Z like to dress dolls as well?

      1. Those sound awesome! She loves them… I will have to see if I can find something like that for her.

  4. I might as well be a small child 😛 I’ve flown an incredible amount in the past year, and I do crossword puzzles and listen to podcasts or audio books. There’s also always Benadryl 😛

    1. Audio books, yes, we should down load some on our phones! Perfect, thanks!

      1. Love them! I prefer a Kindle over them, and physical books over all else, but they certainly do save on space.

        1. I agree. But when travelling they are easy.

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