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Christmas Stars with Beads

It may be too early for Christmas but as we send parcels across the world, we need to think about Christmas early. I rather like it, no last minute panic. But these stars came about pretty much by accident, so I’ll offer them as an subtle introduction to the season to come: My daughter asked […]

Drawing Magnets

Tiger sells for a euro or two magnetic sheets, which gave us an outlet for simple fun creativity one evening. One can either cut shapes first and then fill them with normal markers or draw on the sheet and then cut them out. The cutting part is a bit tricky but normal scissors will do. […]

Refreshing Outdoors – Where to go in/around Helsinki

We’ve had beautiful crispy but sunny autumn days lately, and enjoyed exploring the outdoors on the weekends. So simple, just take a picnic along, and so refreshing to have time to just be or eg build a house or a bridge cross a puddle or climb a rock… There are several lovely nature places in […]

Fun Party Food

I recently brought my son to a birthday with this (and much more) on the table: That mum is amazing!

Our Trilingual Upbringing Today

Our kids grow up speaking three languages, which means that they need to hear enough of them all to learn them. This is how we used to support them. This may not be a typical “free but fun” theme but this seems to interest a lot of people, so I thought I might share an […]

Easy Leaf Printing

The autumn is here and the leaves are turning bright and colourful. I wonder if there is any other language in the world that has a word for the beautiful transformation of the leaves that in Finnish is called ‘ruska’? Anyway, last days to do some prints with green leaves, using the green colour of […]


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