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Family Time and Cooking

I recently read some research results where 52% of working parents in Finland spend less than 2 hours and 20% less than an hour  on a week night with their small children (Määttä & Rantala. 2010. Tavallisen erityinen lapsi, p. 83). Two of the biggest reasons, stated by parents, for not having the time after […]

The Most Beautiful Christmas Carols

We went today to sing the most beautiful Christmas carols in the beautiful old church in Oulunkylä, as did many others. Our kids love it! Since we are normally no church goers, this is also an opportunity to show them a bit of history as well. After all, the Protestant church has been the basis […]

Christmas Lights and Parade

We’ve officially kicked off the Christmas season: the decorations are up, cd’s, dvd’s and books are out again to be enjoyed for 3 weeks. Opposed to what I thought, we weren’t even super early: today was the day the Christmas lights were lit on Aleksi, the main shopping street in Helsinki and the event that […]

Mum and Physical Exercise

I love to exercise but am far from super fit. It’s taken a while to work out ways to fit some exercise in my days with full time work, part-time studies, small children, a husband away at least every second week and no granny around the corner. And I’m not keen on paying a lot for […]

Getting Rid of Rainy Day Energy

…and exploring the darkness that nobody is afraid of. Proper rain clothes  makes life so much more simple and enjoyable.

Gingerbread and Eggcups

It is never too early for making gingerbread! While we were at the Christmas theme, we also painted some eggcups for our children to give as presents. As the week evenings are short I kept things simple: I took ready made pastry from the freezer, which cost a couple euros in the shop. The wooden […]


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