Christmas Lights and Parade

We’ve officially kicked off the Christmas season: the decorations are up, cd’s, dvd’s and books are out again to be enjoyed for 3 weeks. Opposed to what I thought, we weren’t even super early: today was the day the Christmas lights were lit on Aleksi, the main shopping street in Helsinki and the event that certainly marks the start of the Christmas shopping frenzy.imagePrior to the lighting of Christmas lights we checked out the Stockmann Christmas window displays, the annual tradition our 5 yo already asks for (check 2014 and 2013). The children were not disappointed: The best part were the small circles on the windows, by pressing them one could change the lights of the display.



After the window displays we followed the programme on the Senate’s Square by the main church. There were Christmas carols sung by everyone but also performed by Diandra and Pepe Willberg, and a circus doing tricks. The “fire play” was most exciting, and frightening.
Finally it was getting dark and as the Christmas parade of elves, angels, horses, dogs, old fire trucks and other christmasy donned characters entered Aleksi the lights were lit.

It was a fun afternoon out in the cold, and anyone who missed this annual crowd appealing event can always join next year!

Ps really difficult to take pictures while holding at least one kid up to see…


  1. I am very glad seeing Your photos. We did not have possibility to visit Helsinki.

    1. I’m sure the Christmas lights are pretty in other towns too!

  2. Hooray Christmas in Finland again! This must be the third Christmas since I first started following you! Wow, it has been a long time and I still love your posts! Happy Holidays!

    1. Three years, wow! I thought I’d blog for a few months… happy holidays in Thailand too!

      1. It is funny how that happens isn’t it?

  3. Apparently Toronto got quite the snow storm yesterday, which makes me super glad to be in Vegas. 🙂
    I like Christmas, and Christmas snow, even, but I don’t like either to arrive before late December. 🙂

    1. Lol. we finally had a slight snowfall, just to cover the ground and as it lights things up but I don’t have to clear it: I love it!

  4. Ugh, it’s still too early for me – but never too early for Glühwein 🙂 It started snowing here today as well…

    1. Ah, Glühwein…. a great way to start the Christmas season!

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