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Kites at Christmas

Clear blue sky, lovely sun, sofas on the lawn… Christmas in New Zealand is not exactly the Christmas I’m used too in the northern hemisphere. But lovely. And the perfect presents in this weather, that the kids got for Christmas, were kites. Fun for the whole family! What the best part of your Christmas?

Gliders in Omarama

Omarama is a tiny place about 1-1,5hours drive towards Christchurch from Wanaka. Accommodation is a about half the price compared to beautiful and famous Wanaka. No wonder, as there is almost nothing there: There little village has grown there due to the unusually great conditions for gliders. But watching the gliders and getting very close […]

Jet Boat watching in Queenstown

Superbly jet lagged and tired after a way too long trip to the southern hemispere watching jet boats in a beautiful setting was a great way to spend an afternoon together with beloved friends. The sand and rocks kept the kids busy between the jet boats, and gave adults time to catch up. The cafe […]

Feeding Fish

One of the highlights for our kids was a stop in Twizel, New Zealand, at a salmon farm were kids could feed fish for free. Great marketing too as pretty much every one stayed to eat at the cafe too!

Knitting Fun Scarves

Wanting to use up the rest of my yarn ended up in these scarves for my children: If you want other ideas for small knitting projects, check out the crafts page and scroll to the bottom of the page for various mittens, socks and egg cosies. Those don’t have patterns either because don’t use any; […]


We don’t celebrate thanksgiving in Finland. But seeing Meg’s awesome post about thankfulness and a discussion I had at work about what we can consider success made me think we should. Maybe not celebrate but be more aware of things to appreciate. Not take things granted, at least not things like mental health. I work […]


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