Farm Stays

For city kids, especially our boy, having old tractors etc on playgrounds in New Zealand was awesome.
Visiting a farm (personal connections in use), to drive some, climb up in some and help the men fix some machinery was something he talked about for days.


I know farm stays are heavily marketed to families in Germany, but i have seen virtually nothing of it here in Finland. Wonder why?

What would be a better way  for children to find out where our food comes from when living in a city? My daughter was 3 when I asked her if she knows where milk comes from. She said “the corner store”. Now she knows better (as she should!), and much more: she also loved feeding Grandpas chooks, learned about their hatching and even different breeds. One of the best things was to go looking for fresh eggs etc.

Driving in New Zealand is pretty awesome for kids in the way that their are farm animals to be spotted everywhere. It was entertaining for them even though there came a point where my son exclaimed he doesn’t want to be in the car any more because he didn’t want to see any more sheep…

Seeing happy farm dogs work with sheep and to see and try shearing the sheep (I was more use stamping the wool in the big crate…) was pretty exciting for me as well, so at least a visit to country life comes highly recommend from me!



  1. […] the best things in New Zealand is that many things are so uncomplicated. It is easy to get close to animals and equipment, like in Omarama, no fences, no fees, no special permissions around the gliders, we could just rock […]

  2. […] some 900 years ago (well except for some that can swim like seals)? Hard to believe with all the farm animals around! But there are plenty of birds that do not exist anywhere else in the world, and many of […]

  3. Your son’s comment about the sheep is so cute.

    1. I totally cracked up. I guess that is a kiwi boy brought up abroad… 😀

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