Picton, Perfect Place to Wait

Picton is the town in the north of the south island of New Zealand where the ferry leaves to the north island. We arrived there a bit early for the ferry to have time to run off some steam before the approximately 3 hour ferry ride (the ferry was big enough for kids to strech their legs in too, had comfy lounges and there was a fantastic magician to entertain kids and parents. We just didn’t know that). We felt lucky we happened to arrive early in Picton where we had a lovely morning!

The shore was beautiful in the sunshine, there was a big playground, a little paddle pool, a minigolf that looked like fun but also eg the opportunity to rent kayaks, which we contemplated for a while. But then we opted for a few very affordable opportunities not found everywhere: the little railway kids could have a ride on for 20 cents, and playing with sailing boats in an own pool, rent also 20 cents. The merry-go-round cost 3 dollars per child.
After this we were ready for an Iced chocolate at one of the lovely cafes before boarding the ferry.

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  1. […] fronts or beaches (eg Queenstown). There are also plenty of local small fun things to explore (like in Picton), it would have been fun to go and pick plums or cherries or something with the kids (be aware of […]

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