Rainy Day in Taupo

When we are in New Zealand, we mostly, at some point, drive through Taupo: it is on the way, there is family, it is beautiful and there is plenty to do. This time we were about to hit there on a rainy day but to my delight there would have been a few good options to break up our drive anyway:

    1. McDonalds. I’m not usually the one for McDonalds unless I need wifi (honestly; not tasty, not healthy, loud and no pleasant atmosphere. In my opinion. Kids of course like their fries or Happy Meals) But in Taupo THERE IS A REAL AIRPLANE!!! Kids can play under it in the play area, eat in it and look at the cockpit through a glas.


2. Huka Honey Hive  A quote from the link: “A unique taste experience with free honey, mead & liqueur tastings. View live beehives, discover health & wellness products and divine honey-based skincare. Treat yourself to a delicious honey ice-cream. Free Entry.”

3. Mind Junction, games for all ages. Cost depends on what you do.

We didn’t get to try #2 nor #3 as the sun came out but there will be a next time. Let me know if you’ve been to either of these, how was it?


  1. […] Kaikoura – Blenheim – Picton – Wellington – Hawke’s Bay – Taupo – Roturua – […]

  2. Omg! So interesting to have a real airplane for McDonald’s!! I wonder if there is a compilation for world’s most interesting McDonald’s, that will be an eye opener 🙂

    1. There would be some interesting options I’m sure!

  3. […] platform but as it seemed to rain the whole day, we didn’t expect anyone to jump and went to McDonalds because of the airplane instead. We had our rainy day in Taupo planned but were not disappointed when the weather changed […]

  4. I really want to do NZ with the kids one day!

    1. You should, it is a lovely country and child friendly to travel in. I am working on a summarising post…

  5. They have an airplane!!! An Airplane!!

  6. Very, very cool! The kids (and adults) must love it!

    1. We did, and judging by the crowd, so did the others.

  7. Cool Mcd!!! Never seen anything like it before.. Thanks for sharing

    1. It was pretty cool! And you can surely imagine how cool it was for a 4 yo boy! 🙂

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