We Bought Cross Country Skis!

I may be a Finn but I have done some cross country skiing about 3 times in the last 30 years. There just wasn’t enough snow to ski on the island I grew up on, and when there was a winter with enough snow again, well, then it was too lame ( I was a teenager). And then I didn’t have skis, time or money… Last year I was about to, this year, coming back from New Zealand summer i went straight ahead and did it: I bought skis for both the kids and myself. We went to the Sporttidivari on Hämeentie 95, were they buy and sell second hand sports gear. Perfect for somebody like me, who has ski tracks less than a kilometre from home and still doubts she’ll get around to ski more than three times this winter even though it was such a pleasure the first time. It’s not crazy cheap but it is affordable compared to other options and a good way to get started. Also, it’s an investment for many years for me. The shop has loads of options for growing kids. But if you just want to rent skis, it is possible in Paloheinä in Helsinki.


  1. […] comes as it also goes here in the south of Finland very fast. As we bought cross country skis at Sporttidivari last year, we went immediately out when there was enough snow (like a week ago). We made a track in a near by […]

  2. What thick snow you have here! I have skiied only once in my life and I love the experience very much. So did the kids who pick up real fast with their agility and unafraid to fall. We miss skiing. Seeing your photos remind me that I have seen your blog going through all 4 seasons several times, meaning we have been blogging friends for a few years now! 🙂

    1. The snow already melted and last night there was more… hope we get to the slopes on Sunday on the “official” day of sledding! But you are right, it’s been a while. An enjoyable while 🙂

  3. I’ve always fancied trying this – done downhill skiing before but never cross-country. It looks like more fun to me (now!!).

    1. I think I like this more than downhill nowadays. I must be getting old… ; )

  4. I keep threatening to do cross country skiing, and yet I haven’t yet. Thus is a good reminder abd motivation.

    1. Maybe time for another visit here? 😉 (but you may want to fly further north or come a bit later cos the snow is gone for now. Rapid changes)

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