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Board Games

On week nights, after work and daycare, everyone is tired. Still we need to spend time together. With kids aged 4 and 5 various board games have proven to be a great way to spend time together: they don’t require too much imagination of a tired mum (unfortunately we don’t get around to do as […]

Winter in Moomin World

Moomin World, so beloved by all small children, a bustling place in the summer. In the winterp the Moomins wake up from their winter sleep only for one week. It is the week of  the “ski holidays” at school (yes, an ancient name of the school holiday), and it fits the stories rather well as […]

Kokoo – Great on a Rainy Day in Turku

Kokoo (meaning “contructs”), what a great place for the whole family on a grey day with sleet coming from the sky. It has a simple concept: go in and use the big supply of legos, and build! If you want to you can buy the Lego per kilo once you’ve built something but you don’t […]

Ice Hole Fishing

I suppose ice hole fishing would be a cheap winter hobby (once you have warm clothes and the drill to make the hole), but sitting hours still in the cold only to catch fish has never been tempting enough for me to even try… This is more my kind of winter fun:

Free in New Zealand for Families

New Zealand is known as a beautiful country with an opportunity to a number of extreme sports that can get pricy. Sure, flights to NZ cost, for us it is almost as remote as remote can get: the shortest flight connection one can get from Helsinki to Auckland takes 27 hours with a 3 hour transfer […]

Cards for Valentine’s

We stole a few ideas from Skapligt enkelt, added old stamps and then our kids got creative. The best part is that Valentine’s day in Finland is a day of friendship, not lovers, so we have plenty to send these lovelies to!


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