Winter in Moomin World

Moomin World, so beloved by all small children, a bustling place in the summer. In the winterp the Moomins wake up from their winter sleep only for one week. It is the week of  the “ski holidays” at school (yes, an ancient name of the school holiday), and it fits the stories rather well as the Moomin trolls sleep during the winters but there is one winter that they by accident wake up to marvel the snow.

However, the entrance to the Moomin World is by no means free: we paid 80e for our whole family this year as it costs 20e/person. It is cheaper than in the summer though: next summer one person, no matter age, pays 28e for a day with the Moomins. As we’ve been there many times in the summer, I decided to write a comparison for those who are wondering whether it is worth to save a few euros by visiting it in the winter.

I quite liked that it wasn’t as busy as in the summer. May be because we arrived as soon as the gates opened at 10 am but it was lovely to be in such a place with children without being worried the kids would get lost in the crowd. There were all the characters, there were restaurants and of course the blue Moomin house. I thought they also had a few nice wintery additions there such as fells on outdoor table seats, Little My’s opening the slide coming down on a silver tray ( like in the winter Moomin story), and there was the boisterous Hemulen with his fanfare. Also, kids got to try skis and snow shoes, and it is always lovely to grill your own sausages on a fire.

But there were also a lot of little houses closed, one couldn’t take the little walk to the beach nor to Moomin Pappa’s ship, and even the big theatre was not being used. Instead there was an event tent with a little Winter Magic Show for the kids. As always in the Moomins shows this one involved singing and getting kids dancing or moving with the characters as well.


So there were a lot of things missing compared to the summer time, both in the opportunities to explore and in the amount of people. There was a steady stream of people walking towards the Moomin World though, so maybe we were just early. Also, there were the characters there to cuddle and to be excited by. But as our kids, especially the 5 yo one seems to have grown out of the excitement of the Moomins (which translates to couldn’t have cared less of the characters), the question is: it is cheaper than in the summer, and we did have fun sliding down the hill and eating sausage, but is it worth paying 80e for it?

Our kids wanted to return to Kokoo, their grandparents and even the hotel, but the Moomin World didn’t get any votes. So, even though we had a great weekend away, we will leave Moomin World, both summer and winter, in the hands of smaller visitors. Our family is growing older.


  1. We went to Moomin World when our son was a lot younger – such a great place and we all loved it. Our visit was in summer, looks amazing in winter though..

  2. I remember those moments when I had to go “okay, we’ve outgrown this” it was very bittersweet! 🙂

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