imageHairdressing and massage, my all time favourite “Mum is tired”-games have gotten an alternative: the nail studio.

I find the results after this manicure… sparkling…? The colours are carefully chosen to make me more fashionable: Frozen and Angry Birds. The more the better, so make no mistake, the fingers needed the sparkles too.




  1. Your kids did a great job on those nails!

  2. I just resume my manicure after many years! And I think it is good to pamper ourselves. Did you let your girl paint on hers as well?

    1. Definitely! And my boy 😉

  3. I have had a manicure/pedicure like this before. 🙂 Beautiful!

    1. Aren’t we always proud to show off the results 😉

  4. Nice! Having a little boy meant I never got to play that game… maybe the baby niece will make up for it!

    1. My son saw his sister and asked if he can “do some painting too”… your niece will get excited, I’m sure!

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